[AISWorld] CFP--Special Issue on Big Data and Information Security Management (JIPS)

Tawei (David) Wang twwang at hawaii.edu
Thu Aug 20 01:40:41 EDT 2015

*Journal of Information Privacy and Security Special Issue on Big Data and
Information Security Management*

With the advance in information technology, companies nowadays are able to
collect more information from the public or from the potential/existing
customers, such as purchasing activities, discussion of products or usage
videos.  These pieces of information flow into the company faster than
before and in huge amount and different formats.  However, recent high
profile information security breach incidents have raised ever-increasing
concerns regarding how companies access, manage and use the collected
information. This special issue attempts to address current practices,
opportunities and challenges brought by big data in the context of
information security management.  Specifically, the special issue will
consider original research articles from different perspectives and
different methodologies that cover the following subjects (but are not
limited to):

   - What kind of information do companies collect?  What are the related
   management policies?  What are the new techniques and processes companies
   use to store, integrate and exploit the information?

   - What are the new opportunities and challenges of big data on
   information governance?  How does the governance and management structure
   affect the collection and the exploitation of new information?  What are
   the risks associated with the new techniques and processes for the

   - What are the privacy concerns and ethical issues related to the
   collection and management of the information?  What are the corresponding
   laws and regulations or the governmental role?

   - Does the collection and integration of new information provide
   additional opportunities when assessing information security risks or the
   corresponding consequences?

*Important Dates:*

Submission Due: September 1, 2016
Revision Due: February 28, 2017
Final Manuscript Due: May 31, 2017
Acceptance Notification: June 15, 2017

*Guest Editors:* Tawei (David) Wang
                          University of Hawaii at Manoa
                          Honolulu, HI, USA

                          Carol Hsu
                          National Taiwan University
                          Taipei, Taiwan

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