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Ulrika Lundh Snis (HV) ulrika.snis at hv.se
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PhD Student in Informatics (Information Systems) Work-Integrated Learning
Högskolan Väst, Institutionen för ekonomi och IT, Trollhättan, Sweden

Doctoral Student in Informatics (Information Systems) Specializing in Work-Integrated Learning

University West, The department of Economy and IT
Based in Trollhättan, Sweden, University West have over 11,500 students and around 600 employees. The University profile is Work-Integrated Learning and at the department of Economy and IT we provide bachelor programs in Informatics, Digital Media, International Politics and Business Administration. We also offer Master level and doctoral programs in informatics.

University West the highest ranked university in the country for graduate employability. Welcome to a university where everyone goes to work.

Doctoral Student in Informatics Specializing in Work-Integrated Learning
University West announces a position as Doctoral Student within the project DigitaL which is a cooperation between University West, Gothenburg University and Region Västra Götaland. The DigitaL project focuses on research on learning in a digitalized working life, and challenges as well as possibilities in a digital society.

Informatics Specializing in Work-Integrated Learning

Project description – Competence, Organizing, and Digitalization (COD)
Today’s society is characterized by rapid technological development and digitalization of activities that affect almost all working organizations. Digitalization challenges traditional work practices as well as provides new opportunities for communicating, competence development and learning at work. These changes have consequences − often unforeseen − creating both challenges and opportunities in current and future workplaces. The project focus on understanding how these challenges, opportunities and consequences regarding competence demands and development as well as organizing work affect and are affected by digitalization in different work contexts. Such consequences can be expressed either explicitly (e.g., through policy documents, rules, and demands) or implicitly (e.g., through unspoken expectations and attitudes); and both are relevant for understanding digitalization.

This PhD project is organized as part of the COD studio within the DigitaL research project that is based on a long-term collaboration between University West and Gothenburg University and is supported by Region Västra Götaland. The Ph.D project should adhere to at least one of the four themes framing the COD studio’s research intention:

  *   How do the demands and needs for digital competence express themselves in the workplace?
  *   What strategies do organizations and individuals enact in order to meet these demands and needs?
  *   To what extent are traditional education and training able to respond to the changes that digitalization brings on?
  *   How can digital technology be designed and used to support and develop different businesses and activities?

We are looking for a PhD candidate interested in studying how work integrated learning is affected by digitalization related to the above themes (please specify how in project proposal). The dissertation work is expected to develop theoretical, methodological and/or technological dimensions of the digitalization of the workplace, where both work integrated learning and the IT artifact is in focus.

Job description
The research program includes, in addition to participation in third-cycle courses, implementation of an independent Ph.D.-project. Students who are employed as research students shall primarily devote themselves to their own education. A person so employed may, however, be engaged to a limited extent in education, research and administration. Such duties, before a doctorate has been conferred, may not occupy more than 20 percent of full-time working hours. (Higher Education Ordinance (SFS 1993:100) Chapter 5 section 2). Any departmental duties (20%) are carried out mainly in the field of Informatics.

Qualification requirements
The basic eligibility requirements for doctoral programmes as set out in the Higher Education Ordinance are as follows:

  *   A degree at master’s level,
  *   completed courses totalling at least 240 university credits of which a minimum of 60 at master’s level or,
  *   substantially equivalent knowledge gained in some other way whether in Sweden or abroad*.

To fulfil the special eligibility requirements, students must have knowledge equivalent to 120 university credits in Informatics or other subject relevant to Informatics with specialisation WIL, of which at least 30 university credits at master’s level. A degree project/dissertation of at least 15 university credits in Informatics or other subject relevant to Informatics with specialisation WIL must be included in this.

*A student who satisfied the eligibility requirements for doctoral programmes before 1 July 2007 (120 university credits at bachelor’s level or the equivalent knowledge) will also after that date be considered to have satisfied doctoral level eligibility requirements. This regulation will cease to apply at the end of 2015 (P11 Transitional regulations of SFS 2006:1053). No dispensations are allowed from this requirement.

For more information please read 3.1 and 3.2 in General syllabus of Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics with specialisation in Work Integrated Learning (WIL), Ref. No 2012/189 B25:


Admission to doctoral programmes, students need to satisfy both the basic and special eligibility requirements and are otherwise to be adjudged to have the necessary capacity to complete the programme. The basic factor for selection from among qualified applicants is the ability to profit from such a programme.

For more information please read 3.3 in General syllabus of Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics with specialisation in Work Integrated Learning (WIL), Ref. No 2012/189 B25:


Applications should be submitted electronically via the University West web-based recruitment tool, MyNetwork, with uploaded attachments.


The application must include:

  *   CV/Personal qualifications
  *   Degree project of second level of higher education
  *   Degree certificate of second level of higher education
  *   A proposal** for the thesis of the doctoral project (Max. 3 pages)
  *   Other documents which the applicant wishes to invoke

The application should reach University West no later than 2015-08-30<x-apple-data-detectors://9>

Documents that cannot be sent digitally, should be sent to: Högskolan Väst Personalavdelningen 461 86 Trollhättan Sweden

Mark the application with ref.no<http://ref.no/>: R 2015/60

Scope   Full time
Salary  monthly pay
City    Trollhättan
Country Sverige
Refno   2015/60
Contact and deadline

  *   Lena Pareto, 0706-63221<tel:0706-632212>2
  *   Deadline: August 30, 2015<x-apple-data-detectors://13>

Kindly regards,
Lena Pareto
Ulrika Lundh Snis

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