[AISWorld] Call for Minitrack Proposals: AMCIS 2016 Adoption and Diffusion of Information Technology Track (by SIGADIT)

許瑋元 carolhsu at ntu.edu.tw
Wed Aug 26 23:03:31 EDT 2015

Call for Minitrack Proposals: AMCIS 2016 Adoption and Diffusion of Information Technology Track (by SIGADIT).

2016 Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS)

Track: Adoption and Diffusion of Information Technology (SIGADIT)

In recent years, we have seen creative and innovative business opportunities through the adoption and diffusion of mobile technology, social media, and cloud computing. In the era of digital economy, the ability to integrate these technologies to achieve operational excellence and competitive advantage has been one of major managerial challenges in modern organizations. Despite the great innovation potential that could be released by using these technologies, there are also some downsides coming along with it. Thus, researchers and practitioners alike also need to learn to deal with issues like IS misuse, obsessive and compulsive IS use, information overload, technostress, and/or technology addiction. This track seeks research inspiring theoretical, methodological, and practical insights in adoption and diffusion of innovative technologies at organizational, industry, societal, and global level. This track especially welcomes the use of different research methodologies to explore the behavioral, cultural or managerial issues associated with the adoption and diffusion of information technology.

To deeper our understanding of the important issues of adoption and diffusion of information technology, AIS Special Interest Group in Adoption and Diffusion of Information Technology (http://www.sigadit.net) is hosting a track at AMCIS 2016. More details about this track can be found at: http://amcis2016.aisnet.org/index.php/papers-and-posters/track-list#SIGADITanchor

We are calling for up to 8 minitracks for this track. Topics include among others:

·      Individual, group, or organizational IT adoption decisions

·      Adoption or diffusion of IT supporting organizational and inter-organizational initiatives

·      Adoption of IT in a residential/ household context

·      Feature-level IT adoption and use

·      Global or cross-cultural studies of IT implementation, adoption, and post-adoption

·      Adoption and use of social technologies, smart devices, and further emerging technologies, such as RFID and cloud computing

·      Adoption or diffusion of IT in specific sectors (such as e-government)

·      Communication types and channels on the diffusion of IT

·      Factors influencing IT adoption and use at micro and macro levels

·      IT implementation success factors

·      Socio-economic impacts of IT adoption and diffusion

·      Strategies to promote IT adoption and diffusion

·      The diffusion of IT within populations (e.g., social networks, communities of practice, organizations)

·      The impact of IT use on the daily/social/professional life of consumers/citizens

·      The role of personality characteristics (e.g., Big 5) in adoption and diffusion of IT

·      Negative outcomes of IS use (e.g., information overload, technostress)

·      Theories, concepts, and tools of IT adoption and diffusion

·      Theoretical essays or critical reviews of adoption and diffusion of IT

·      Usage and post-adoption behaviors, such as infusion, exploitation, and exploration

·      Dark usage and post-adoption behaviors, such as misuse, obsessive use, compulsive use, and addictive use

As minitrack chairs, you will be responsible for

a)    promoting your minitrack to generate manuscript submissions to your minitrack.

b)    recruiting and assigning reviewers for manuscripts submitted to the minitrack; and

c)    making recommendations to track chairs about each manuscript submitted to your minitrack.

To submit a minitrack proposal, you must submit
minitrack chair(s) (names, emails, affiliation);

a)     minitrack title;

b)    a short description of your minitrack for the AMCIS 2016 website (up to 150 words);

c)    a call for papers for your minitrack; and;

d)    a short rationale as to why your minitrack should be included in the track. (please relate your minitrack proposal to the track description.)

To submit a minitrack proposal to the SIGADIT track, send an email with your proposal as an attachment to the track co-chairs: Andreas Eckhardt (andreas.eckhardt at ggs.de), and Carol Hsu (carolhsu at ntu.edu.tw) at the same time cc your email to amcis2016.program at gmail.com<mailto:amcis2016.program at gmail.com>

The important dates are:

·      October 19, 2015: All Minitrack proposals due

·      October 28, 2015: Minitrack decisions from track co-chairs due

·      November 1, 2015: Revised minitrack proposals due

·      January 4, 2016: Manuscript submissions for AMCIS 2015 begin

·      March 2, 2016: AMCIS manuscript submission deadline

Track Co-Chairs:
Andreas Eckhardt, German Graduate School of Management & Law, andreas.eckhardt at ggs.de
Carol Hsu, National Taiwan University, carolhsu at ntu.edu.tw

Andreas and Carol

Website: www.sigadit.net<http://www.sigadit.net>

Join our LinkedIn Discussion Group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/AIS-SIGADIT-5066036?trk=groups_guest_career_discussion-h-dsc&goback=%2Egna_5066036

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