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Call for papers for special issue of Telematics and Informatics  on
'Digital Technologies in the Mediterranean region'

Guest Editors
Dr Euripidis Loukis
University of the Aegean
e-mail: eloukis at aegean.gr

Dr Enrico Ferro
Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, Politecnico di Torino
e-mail: ferro at ismb.it 

Dr Spyros Arvanitis
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ)
e-mail: arvanitis at kof.ethz.ch

In modern societies various types of digital technologies are increasingly used by firms, government agencies, groups and individuals for many different purposes. Both private sector firms and public sector organizations are increasingly relying on various types of IS, both 'classical' and new emerging ones, for supporting internal processes, decision making and also transaction and interaction with external environment. Furthermore, groups and individuals are using various types of IS for professional, political and recreational purposes. However, the use and impact of all types of digital technologies is significantly affected by their context.
The Meditteranean region, is definitely a very interesting context for studying the use and impact of various types of digital technologies. It is one of the most historic areas on earth, with specific values, traditions and historical experiences. Furthermore, currently it is experiencing some challenging situations: economic crisis (in South Europe) and social unrest (in North Africa). It is therefore quite interesting to investigate the use and impact of various types of digital technologies in this particular context, examine how they are affected by the characteristics of this context, and at the same time how they affect it, and how they can contribute to addressing the above challenges. Also, it is useful to examine whether the economic crisis that exists in many Mediterranean countries has a negative impact on the use of various types of digital technologies ('pro-cyclical behaviour'), or (at least in some circumstances or under specific conditions) is driving the use of new digital technologies to overcome the crisis. Furthermore, it is useful to examine the use of digital technologies by various actors (e.g. government agencies, groups of citizens') during the social unrest in the Northern African Mediterranean countries. 
In this direction the 9th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems (MCIS) 2015 is organized, under the auspices of Association of Information Systems (AIS), in the island of Samos, chaired by the first of the above Guest Editors.
This special issue invites papers, both extended versions of papers from the above MCIS 2015 Conference, and other papers not associated with this Conference, which investigate aspects of the use of various digital technologies by firms, government agencies, groups and individuals, and their economic and social impact.
Suggested Topics
Submissions of qualitative, quantitative and comparative research as well as case studies are all welcome. Any topics that are related to the abovementioned themes are welcome, as long as the research presented is associated with characteristics and challenges of the context of one or more Mediterranean countries. The following topics are particularly encouraged, though not limited to:
- Adoption and use of various digital technologies - barriers and critical success factors
-  Economic and social impact of using various digital technologies
-  Digital technologies and innovation
-  Government policies and private sector strategies
-  Special interest in new emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, business analytics and social media
-  Comparative studies between Mediterranean countries, or with other areas (e.g. Central European or North European countries)
-  The impact of the economic crisis on investment in, and also use and impact of digital technologies by public and private sector organizations.
-  Cases of 'anti-cyclical' exploitation of digital technologies for overcoming the economic crisis, or addressing various aspects of it.
-  Use of digital technologies in the context of social unrest and confrontation by various actors (e.g. government agencies, groups of citizens')
Deadline for submissions: 15 January 2016
Please submit online at  http://ees.elsevier.com/tele/ with reference: "DTM"

A guide for authors is available here: http://www.elsevier.com/journals/telematics-and-informatics/0736-5853/guide-for-authors

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