[AISWorld] Workshop on Cloud Computing Technoecnomics Engineering - Reminder

Christos Michalakelis michalak at hua.gr
Wed Oct 7 10:10:04 EDT 2015

Cloud Computing Technoeconomic Engineering (CCTE)  Workshop

in conjunction with

IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering 2016 (IC2E 2016)

Berlin, Germany,  April 4-8 2016

Call for Papers

Cloud Computing delivers on-demand resources just like commoditized 
services, such as electricity, gas, water and telephony. The substantial 
growth rate of resource demand and provision, as well as of the global 
cloud traffic make create an imperative need for a detailed 
techno-economic analysis focusing, among others, on demand forecasting 
for cloud services, economic assessment of the investments needed to 
support this emerging computational model, switching costs, market 
competition, etc. The development of new usage and provision models and 
the understanding of how they could be used to provide utility for 
users, intermediary brokers (aggregators) and providers are also of 
paramount importance.

CCTE combines process modeling and engineering design with economic 
evaluation, providing with both qualitatively and quantitative 
understanding of the impacts technology and business processes have on 
the cloud computing model, seeking to harvest its potential.

The workshop aims to serve as a melting pot for researchers and 
practitioners both in the areas of cloud computing and business 
management, in order to discuss and combine best practices in these 
fields into novel ideas and frameworks to accommodate new business 
models to harvest the potential of cloud computing taking into account 
both technological limitations and challenges, as well as market demands.

An invited talk in the important area of cloud computing brokering will 
also be presented from an industry key-player.

Workshop website: http://ccte.hua.gr/

For more information mail to: Christos Michalakelis (michalak at hua.gr)

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