[AISWorld] ISeB Special Issue "Information Systems for Smart Services" - Deadline Extended!

Janiesch Christian christian.janiesch at uni-wuerzburg.de
Wed Oct 7 05:48:04 EDT 2015

Apologies for cross-posting!

We have decided to extend the deadline for the ISeB special issue
„Information Systems for Smart Services“ to October 31. Attached is the call
for papers. 

Daniel Beverungen, Martin Matzner und Christian Janiesch


Special Issue: Information Systems for Smart Services
Information Systems and e-Business Management (ISeB)

New submission due date: October 31st, 2015

Guest Editors
* Daniel Beverungen (daniel.beverungen at ercis.uni-muenster.de), 
* Martin Matzner (martin.matzner at ercis.uni-muenster.de)
University of Muenster, European Research Center for Information Systems
* Christian Janiesch (christian.janiesch at uni-wuerzburg.de)
University of Wuerzburg

An increasing amount of the value propositions offered by public and private
organizations are engineered and managed as services that often render
innovations for economic growth and social welfare. This trend is reflected
in the information systems (IS) discipline by designing new models, methods
and software tools that enable innovative business services, using
information services as an architectural paradigm for the design of software
applications, and providing physical goods and software applications

Against the backdrop of this general trend for “servitization”, augmenting
physical devices with information technology is an emerging and particularly
disruptive development. “Smart” devices—such as smart meters, smart
vehicles, and smart manufacturing tools—are equipped with sensors and
actuators that allow them to obtain contextual data, exchange these data
with other devices and information systems, and adapt their actions
accordingly. Thus, networking smart devices with one another and with
distributed information systems enables the design and emergence of entirely
new services, such as smart mobility, smart logistics, and smart homes.

While research on smart services is in its infancy, many issues warrant
scientific investigation. On the one hand, smart devices propel new business
opportunities and can enable business models to become adaptable to the
individual needs encountered by customers. On the other hand, these
opportunities might come at the expense of a substantial increase in
complexity and unpredictability of the service system, resulting in a need
for establishing new paradigms for engineering these systems.

The special issue provides a high-quality forum to present and discuss
recent research on engineering, selling, and providing smart services based
on the design of adequate information systems.

Topics include but are not limited to the following
* Conceptual studies on information systems for smart services
* Case studies on smart service scenarios that are being enabled by
information systems
* Design of IT artifacts, including constructs, models, methods, and
software prototypes that enable the design, selling, or provision of smart
* Design theories and methods for developing IT artifacts as complex systems
* Empirical research focused on developing theory on the design, adoption,
and use of information systems for smart services
* Methods and examples for calculating the utility and profitability of
smart services, as opposed to traditional value creation
* Information systems for enabling peer-to-peer sharing of physical objects
* Example of smart services that have been successfully implemented in a
corporate context

Submission Instructions
* All submissions must follow the ISeB editorial guidelines, as documented
on the journal’s website
* Length restrictions: Papers may be 25-30 pages long, and should include
between 8,000 and 10,000 words (not including references)
* All submissions are done through the Springer submission system. The link
is one the home page of ISeB (Submit Online) or
http://www.editorialmanager.com/iseb/default.asp. S* New submission due date: October 31st, 2015
* First round reviews due:     December 1st, 2015
* Revisions due:                       February 1st, 2016
* Final editorial decision:        April 1st, 2016

About the Journal
Information Systems and e-Business Management (ISeB) is an international
journal that focuses on the core tasks of Information Systems Management,
the conceptual analysis, design, and deployment of information systems, as
well as on all e-business related topics. The central aim of the journal is
to publish original, well-written, self-contained contributions that
elucidate novel research and innovation in information systems management
and e-business which advance the field fundamentally and significantly. 
ISeB has been accepted for Social Sciences Citation Index, Journal Citation
Reports / Social Sciences Edition and Current Contents / Social and
Behavioral Sciences.

Prof. Dr. Christian Janiesch
Juniorprofessur für Information Management
Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
Stephanstr. 1, Raum 310
97070 Würzburg
+49 (931) 31-84930

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