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Kayhan, Varol vkayhan at usf.edu
Fri Jan 22 11:26:52 EST 2016

Dear Colleagues,

As you might remember, I published my SAS Enterprise Miner teaching materials through Google Play last year (please see my email from last year below). The book is now available through Amazon Kindle as well (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AVJDEUW/ref=cm_sw_su_dp). This is also the second edition - same materials with a few corrections.

If you want to see the faculty copy, please email me (vkayhan at mail.usf.edu).


Dr. Varol Kayhan
Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Kate Tiedemann College of Business
University of South Florida St. Petersburg

On 4/22/15 9:30 PM, "Varol Kayhan" <vkayhan at usf.edu> wrote:

Dear Colleagues,

I recently published my SAS Enterprise Miner teaching notes through
Google Play for $7.95 (available at: http://tinyurl.com/lvaqtst). This
"handbook" is geared toward MBA students as well as business students at
the undergraduate and graduate levels. It consists of two components:
exercises, and assignments. Exercises provide step-by-step instructions
on how to use SAS Enterprise Miner, build predictive models, interpret
the results of models, and tweak model settings. Exercises are also
designed to develop students' critical thinking abilities by asking them
to answer questions or interpret certain results. The correct answers of
these questions/interpretations are also provided in this handbook so
that they can be used as a learning tool rather than a "click-and-drag"

The second component of this handbook is assignments. Assignments
require the application of knowledge and skills gained in exercises to
new problems. They require development of predictive models for new data
sets, interpretation of results, and making recommendations based on
findings. Assignments do not provide step-by-step instructions, nor do
they have correct answers. They can be completed in groups of two
depending on instructor preferences.

Even though exercises and assignments go hand-in-hand, they are also
modular in nature. Therefore, the exercise-assignment pair of one
technique (such as decision tree) is independent of the
exercise-assignment pair of another technique (such as neural network).
Therefore, each exercise-assignment pair can be used in a different
order than they are presented in this handbook.

There is an exercise-assignment pair for each of the following topics:
- Visualization & Outliers & Transformation
- Variable Reduction & Principal Components
- Multiple Regression
- Memory-Based Reasoning (kNN)
- Decision Tree
- Neural Network
- Logistic Regression
- Association Rules
- Cluster Analysis
- Text Mining
- Time Series

If you wish to adopt this handbook for your course, please look at the
preview provided by Google Play (available at:
http://tinyurl.com/lvaqtst), or email me for a faculty copy (at
vkayhan at mail.usf.edu). I will be more than happy to provide a faculty
copy and discuss any other questions you may have about the use or
grading of these exercises and assignments.


Varol Kayhan
Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Kate Tiedemann College of Business
University of South Florida St. Petersburg

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