[AISWorld] CfP: HICSS 50 Advances in Design Research for Information Systems

Tuure Tuunanen tuure at tuunanen.fi
Thu Mar 10 02:59:50 EST 2016

Advances in Design Research for Information Systems Minitrack
This minitrack provides a venue for information  systems (IS) design researchers to share their   work and interact with likeminded scholars.   Design research is a prominent form of engaged   scholarship, which combines inquiry with a   potential for action and intervention.
Design research may be viewed as having three   major subfields, from which we welcome submissions:
Design theory research, which focuses on  the development of theories about creating   new or improved information systems based   on kernel or grand theories
Design science research which focuses on creating ‘new-to-the-world’ IS artifacts
Science of design research which focuses on the study  of how designers actually conduct design activities, e.g., science of design research
While specific interests interest is placed upon  design research and design theorizing with respect to the three subfields described above, the minitrack welcomes submissions from the   entire range of alternatives that deal with the question of integrating inquiry with the potential   of creating and shaping alternative futures.  Such   work extends the boundaries of human and   organizational capabilities by theorizing and/or   creating new and innovative artifacts. The   building and application of these designed artifacts produces knowledge and understanding of a problem domain and its solutions, which is   then potentially transferable to other domains. In design science, the engagement is primarily   focused on the design and evaluation of an artifact; learning through building with the aim to generate theoretical insights. This is often an   iterative research process, often quite technical, and sometimes capitalizes on learning via both  researcher and subject expertise within the context of the participants' social system. It can be a clinical method that puts IS researchers in an active supporting role for advanced practice. To this end we also seek implementable and grounded action frames for engaging in such generalizable inquiries.
Accordingly the scope of this mini track includes  research contributions that arise from all three subfields of design research described above. This includes engaged approaches, studies of the   practical use of design research approaches, the   use of such approaches to expand theory, and conceptual foundations that significantly and cogently expand our understanding of the   epistemology and methodology of such approaches and their philosophical underpinnings. These include:
Developing design artifacts and design theories
Evaluating and testing design artifacts and design theories
Different approaches to the design of artifacts and design theorizing
Minitrack Co-Chairs:
Tuure Tuunanen (Primary Contact)
University of Jyväskylä
tuure at tuunanen.fi <mailto:tuure at tuunanen.fi>
Richard Baskerville
Georgia State University and Curtin University
baskerville at gsu.edu <mailto:baskerville at gsu.edu>

Roman Beck
IT University of Copenhagen
romb at itu.dk <mailto:romb at itu.dk>

Submission deadline: June 15th 

Author instructions: http://www.hicss.org/#!author-instructions/c1dsb <http://www.hicss.org/#!author-instructions/c1dsb>

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