[AISWorld] Debate: on Data Centers (exemplary research from MIS Quarterly in the 90's)

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Thu Mar 10 12:58:19 EST 2016

As an exemplary research on MIS with a managerial and technical coverage
on a real (relevant) problem, the following paper (from early 90's) is
recommended on the current crisis of our discipline:

Ives, B., & Jarvenpaa, S. L. (1991). Applications of global information
technology: key issues for management. MIS Quarterly, 33-49.

In this paper, there are excellent methodological research teachings issues:

1) Research method is used in natural way (non-random interviews to 25 top
managers of 500-Fortune USA enterprises). Sample selection was by natural
and logical relationships among researchers and IT executives. At present,
convenience sample is highly critiqued and rejected by NOVICE reviewers.

2) They provide a natural, logical, simple and powerful construct
(reported as conceptual framework) on GLOBAL IT APPLICATION as follows: "A
global Information technology application
• contributes to achieving a firm's global business strategy
• by using Information technology platforms
• to store, transmit, and manipulate data
• across cultural environments" (Ives & Jarvenpaa; 1991; p.34).
They do not need to use a statistical-validated construct. Your concept is
totally understood by real IT people.

3) They provide final highly valuable practical and academic insights in
both strategic managerial and IT technical side (on data centers !): 1)
the strategic insights (see Table 3; Ives & Jarpenpaa; 1991; p. 42); 2)
the IT engineering side ! (see Table 4; Ives & Jarpenpaa; 1991; p. 43).
Here reproduced by enhance the need of research on Data Centers (null and
ignored at present by MISQ and other top journals):

• Determine the number and locations of regional data centers.
• Ensure 24-hour system availability and support for global applications
operating from global data centers.
• Select vendors who can provide support in dispersed locations.
• Select hardware and software appropriate for shared data or processing
• Expect delays and incompatibilities from vendors operating outside their
own home markets.
• Anticipate a reduced set of hardware and software alternatives.
• identify reliable local IT distributors and service providers.

Here, it is clear the strategic relevance on Data Centers for globalized
operations. At present, with Data Centers, all daily common services used
today (whatsApp, msg, twitter, facebook, etc, etc) would be not possible !

So, why are there not special issues in MISQ, ISR, JMIS and EJIS on Data
Centers? Why are we not teaching graduate courses on Data Centers in our
MIS MSc programs? Why are there not MIS PhD thesis on Data Centers?

I believe we are ignoring the MOST important construct and real entity for
our MIS discipline !

Prof. Manuel Mora

Manuel Mora, EngD.
Full Professor and Researcher Level C
ACM Senior Member / SNI Level I
Department of Information Systems
Autonomous University of Aguascalientes
Ave. Universidad 940
Aguascalientes, AGS
Mexico, 20131

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