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Brad Glisson bglisson at southalabama.edu
Wed May 11 16:57:47 EDT 2016

*Cyber-of-Things: Cyber-Crimes and*

*Cyber-Security Mini-track*


As technology is incorporated into more aspects of daily life, cyber-crimes
and cyber-security evolve and diversify. This results in the need to
develop innovative managerial, technological and strategic solutions.
Increasing mobile device sales; increasing digital evidence requests in
legal environments;  increasing generation and storage of digital
transactions through the integration of the ‘Internet of   Things’; and the
development of cyber-physical attacks, all highlight the broad societal
impacts of technology that encourage data intensive environments.

A variety of responses are needed to address the resulting concerns. There
is a need to research a) technology investigation efficiency, b) technical
integration and solution impact, c) the abuse of technology through
cyber-physical attacks along with d) the cost effective analysis and
evaluation of large data repositories. Hence, identifying and validating
technical solutions to access data from new technologies, investigating the
impact that these solutions have on industry, and understanding how
technologies can be abused from a cyber-physical perspective is crucial to
the viability of government, commercial, and legal communities.

The mini-track will solicit submissions in the following areas:

·         Research agendas that investigate vulnerabilities and solutions
to devices that belong to the ‘Cyber-of-Things’ (e.g. Cyber Physical
Systems, and Internet of Things).

·         Research agendas that identify cyber-crimes, digital forensics
issues, security vulnerabilities, solutions and approaches to solving
investigation problems.

·         Research agendas that investigate cost effective retrieval,
analysis and evaluation of large data repositories.

·         Papers that combine research and applied practice.

This mini-track provides a forum for integrating relevant, vital academic
security research activity with the broader international community.

*The best papers will be invited to submit extended work to a special issue
in Computers & Security*.

Only papers describing previously unpublished, original, state-of-the-art
research, and not currently under review by a conference or a journal will
be considered. Extended work must have a significant (over 50%) new and
original content.

*Mini-track Co-Chairs:*

*William Glisson* (Primary Contact)

University of South Alabama

bglisson at southalabama.edu

*Raymond Choo*

University of South Australia

Raymond.Choo at unisa.edu.au

Brad Glisson, PhD

Associate Professor

School of Computing

University of South Alabama

Shelby Hall, Room 1117

150 Jaguar Drive

Mobile Al 36688-7274


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