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Call for Chapters
Book title: Education and Cloud Computing
Publisher: Springer
During the past years, cloud computing has been regarded as one of the most powerful ways to promote students¡¯ learning. People believe that cloud computing supersedes traditional educational tools in terms of (a) resource storage and data access, (b) support for collaboration, and (c) knowledge construction. Cloud computing involves the Internet and the ability to share educational resources easily and efficiently among a large or small community of users who may be using different devices, who have a variety of needs and experience, and who are not located near large data centers. Thus, we can conclude here that the successful use of cloud-based services depends on the ability to identify collaborators and to easily access, store and share Internet resources.
We invite chapters that focus on various aspects related to cloud computing in education. The scope of the book includes but is not limited to:
 *Comparisons between cloud computing and traditional tools
 *Changes in educational practices due to cloud computing
 *Examples applications of cloud computing in education
 *Infrastructure construction related to cloud computing
 *Comprehensive requirements accompanied with cloud services
 *Security and privacy issues with cloud computing in education
 *Evidence of increased collaboration and improve learning due to cloud computing
 *Case studies of cloud computing including evaluations of new efforts, costs, training and support requirements, and perceptions of teachers and students
This volume will contain research and development efforts that are aimed at helping make the potential of cloud computing in education a reality. There will be a focus on technologies and services that comprise the area of cloud computing, as well as training and support requirements to realize the full potential of cloud computing.
Specific areas of concern for this volume include but are not limited to:
 *How new tools and technologies influence how learning activities are planned and orchestrated
 *Policies being developed and deployed that take into account various aspects of cloud computing
 *Important software developments that make effective and efficient use of cloud-based resources 
 *The roles that big data and learning analytics are playing in cloud computing
Important Dates:
October 20, 2016 ¨C Abstracts due (using suggested template)
November 20, 2016 - Feedback on abstract provided
February 20, 2017 ¨C Full chapters due (in Springer's author template)
April 20, 2017 - Review and feedback on chapters
May 20, 2017 - Final camera-ready chapters due
Guidelines for the Extended Abstract:
Please submit 3-page extended abstract (no more than 1500 words; 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced) by September 20, 2016 at: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=educloudcomputing17.  Include at least three primary references (APA 6 format).
In the extended abstract, please include the following headings in bold. Do not merge or delete or leave any section blank.
- Suggested Title(s): At least one, but preferably two or three alternative titles for your chapter. Prioritize (rank 1-3) according to preference. No more than 10 words; subtitles allowed.
- Author(s) Details: Name, Affiliation (Institution/Organization), Mailing address (including country), email, phone and fax (if any) numbers, website (optional)
- Connection with the underlying theme: Connection of your chapter to the underlying theme of the book ¨C two or three sentences indicating the connection to education and cloud computing
- Proposed chapter organization: An outline of the content of your chapter with different headings and subheadings, and a brief description of the content under each heading. Please explain the connection between the different elements (headings and subheadings); some deviations will be allowed as the chapter evolves.
- Contribution of the chapter: New knowledge or information that your chapter will contribute to the underlying theme of the book.
Ray Yueh-Min Huang, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
J. Michael Spector, University of North Texas, USA
Ting Wen Chang, Beijing Normal University, China.
Ms. Rui Chi, Editorial Assistant, ruichi at bnu.edu.cn 
Further details:

Rui Chi 

Senior Assistant,
International Cooperation Centre,
Smart Learning Institute,
Beijing Normal University

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