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Eli Cohen elicohen at informingscience.org
Sun Oct 9 20:33:13 EDT 2016

Call for Participation 
as Reviewer, as Author

InSITE 2017 Conference
Jul 31 - Aug 5 2017, RMIT, Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam
 <http://InSITE.NU> http://InSITE.NU

Plus Special Journal Issue on   <http://sendy.informingscience.org/l/bnUPfJoWMqWc1XjYeRf8NQ/892eZjrqGPohF9RWt1Lq5WPQ/G7w7631eejLdDW2nrdA9OoVg> Communication in Transdisciplinary Science: Challenges, Perspectives, and the Future

 <http://sendy.informingscience.org/l/bnUPfJoWMqWc1XjYeRf8NQ/892eZjrqGPohF9RWt1Lq5WPQ/G7w7631eejLdDW2nrdA9OoVg> CALLS FOR SUBMISSIONS AND REVIEWERS
Please forward this to your lists
Two Calls for Participation: InSITE Conference and 
Special Journal Issue on   <http://sendy.informingscience.org/l/bnUPfJoWMqWc1XjYeRf8NQ/892eZjrqGPohF9RWt1Lq5WPQ/G7w7631eejLdDW2nrdA9OoVg> Communication in Transdisciplinary Science: Challenges, Perspectives, and the Future

Please help us to disseminate these Calls for Participation. Please forward it to the various email lists that may be interested.

Thanks. –eli and Betty

Eli Cohen and Elizabeth Boyd
Informing Science Institute
 <http://sendy.informingscience.org/l/bnUPfJoWMqWc1XjYeRf8NQ/4H4re8MTS763G83azEHUtgRg/G7w7631eejLdDW2nrdA9OoVg> http://InformingScience.org

Special Series in 
 <http://sendy.informingscience.org/l/bnUPfJoWMqWc1XjYeRf8NQ/1bLmWl7CdIfwdIOYosPHGA/G7w7631eejLdDW2nrdA9OoVg> Informing Science: the international journal of an emerging transdiscipline on

 <http://sendy.informingscience.org/l/bnUPfJoWMqWc1XjYeRf8NQ/892eZjrqGPohF9RWt1Lq5WPQ/G7w7631eejLdDW2nrdA9OoVg> Communication in Transdisciplinary Science: 
Challenges, Perspectives, and the Future

 <http://sendy.informingscience.org/l/bnUPfJoWMqWc1XjYeRf8NQ/UIDfeUp4mAgpBfA7630FV94g/G7w7631eejLdDW2nrdA9OoVg> Printable Call for Participation 

InSITE 2017 
Join Us as a Contributor, as a Reviewer 

Informing Science + IT Education Conference

Jul 31 - Aug 5 2017, Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam
 <http://sendy.informingscience.org/l/bnUPfJoWMqWc1XjYeRf8NQ/BnxeNSrFzecOCId9892p53Fw/G7w7631eejLdDW2nrdA9OoVg> http://InSITE.NU

*	Please Join Our International Board of Reviewers ( <http://sendy.informingscience.org/l/bnUPfJoWMqWc1XjYeRf8NQ/keVBPiagVJ4A5Hj892iFVsbA/G7w7631eejLdDW2nrdA9OoVg> http://Volunteer.InSITE.nu)
to provide mentoring feedback on three submissions during December - February
*	Submit your paper on Informing Science + IT Education ( <http://sendy.informingscience.org/l/bnUPfJoWMqWc1XjYeRf8NQ/IRvBLUo5XEer52Q4RKOAqw/G7w7631eejLdDW2nrdA9OoVg> http://Submit.InSITE.nu)
submit by November for the fullest consideration

New This Year: Tracks on

*	Pre-doctoral and New Researchers
*	Accounting Education
*	Digital Excellence: Impact, Inclusion, and Imagination

Tracks on

*	Bias, Misinformation, Disinformation
*	Case Method of Teaching
*	e-Skills and e-Inclusion
*	Technology Enhanced Learning Environments
*	The Art and Science of Informing

 <http://sendy.informingscience.org/l/bnUPfJoWMqWc1XjYeRf8NQ/keVBPiagVJ4A5Hj892iFVsbA/G7w7631eejLdDW2nrdA9OoVg> Join Review Board 

What is InSITE? 

The InSITE conference alumni often mention the conference as among the best-organized and most-supportive conference they have attended.

The conference begins with optional pre-conference networking opportunities that combine seeing the country, often with talks on country-specific topics of interest, with the hugely important chance to network with potential future research collaborators. The networking enables building the trust relationships needed to sustain long-distance research collaboration.

The conference itself combines tracks of presentations of research papers, plenary sessions that provide for keynote speakers and mini-workshops on topics related to your professional development.

The conference also includes your choice of full-day workshops on 1) Teaching Using Discussion Cases, 2) Blended Learning, and 3) Computer-Assisted Qualitative Analysis

 <http://sendy.informingscience.org/l/bnUPfJoWMqWc1XjYeRf8NQ/YNQDY06HHoKSOoIGPNngWQ/G7w7631eejLdDW2nrdA9OoVg> Conference Details 

Tracks and Fast-tracking to our journals 

New tracks this year

This year we introduce the opportunity for those without much experience in making research presentations (for example, doctoral students) to present their research in a supportive environment. Also, we have a track on Accounting Education and on Digital Excellence

Fast-tracking of Best Accepted Papers to ISI journals

The Editors-in-Chief of ISI's journals look over the reviews and the revised submissions and select the best papers for publication in their journals using fast-tracking. Highest consideration for fast-tracking for publication in one of ISI journals will go to papers submitted to the conference by November 30. To be considered, at least one author must be a paid delegate to the conference.

All papers by conference delegates that are accepted are published in the  <http://sendy.informingscience.org/l/bnUPfJoWMqWc1XjYeRf8NQ/bXAxUhwf2wkJW9hiyue4zg/G7w7631eejLdDW2nrdA9OoVg> conference proceedings.

 <http://sendy.informingscience.org/l/bnUPfJoWMqWc1XjYeRf8NQ/IRvBLUo5XEer52Q4RKOAqw/G7w7631eejLdDW2nrdA9OoVg> Submit your InSITE 2017 paper 


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