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The Australasian Journal of Information Systems has just published its latest article.

Karagoz, Y., Korthaus, A., & Augar, N. (2016). How do ICT project managers manage project knowledge in the public sector? An empirical enquiry from the Victorian Public Sector in Australia. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 20. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.3127/ajis.v20i0.1313

Projects are temporal organisation forms that are highly knowledge-intensive and play an important role in modern public (and private) sector organisations. The effective and efficient creation, dissemination, application and conservation of relevant knowledge are a critical success factor in the management of projects. Yet, project management (PM) and knowledge management (KM) are two distinct disciplines. This paper explores the relationship between PM and KM by analysing the literature at the intersection of those disciplines and presenting the empirical results of a case study of the Victorian Public Sector (VPS) in Australia. A series of 14 interviews were conducted to explore how ICT project managers manage project knowledge across the departments of the VPS. Findings show a strong preference among the participants for informal, face-to-face interactions and agile approaches to facilitate knowledge transfer and creation in ICT project environments.
Keywords ICT; project manager; project management; projects; knowledge; knowledge management; public sector; case study

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