[AISWorld] job opportunities in UAE

John Gammack John.Gammack at zu.ac.ae
Thu Feb 2 03:57:30 EST 2017

We are hiring at the College of Technological Innovation,  Zayed University, UAE so if interested please apply via the relevant website linked below - or contact me or our search committee chair, Dr Michelle Antero Michelle.Antero at zu.ac.ae<mailto:Michelle.Antero at zu.ac.ae> if you need more information.

Assistant, Associate & Full Professors in Networking

Assistant, Associate & Full Professors in Computer Engineering

Assistant, Associate & Full Professors in Security

Assistant, Associate & Full Professors in Enterprise Systems

Visiting Professor Systems or Computer Engineering

Visiting Professor in Security & Networking Technologies, Enterprise Systems, or Multimedia

[cid:zu70ef7c]<http://www.zu.ac.ae>     John Gammack
Acting Associate Dean
College of Technological Innovation
جون جاماك
عميد مشارك بالإنابة
كلية الإبتكار التقني

P.O. Box 144534 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E | T:+971 2 599 3490 | M:
w w w . z u . a c . a e<http://www.zu.ac.ae>
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