[AISWorld] HICSS-51 CALL FOR PAPERS - Cyber-Assurance for Internet of Things and Fog Computing Architectures Minitrack

Tyson Brooks dr.tyson.brooks at ieee.org
Wed Mar 1 11:15:28 EST 2017

Apologies colleagues for the multiple emails - just to clarify:

** Final Date for Paper Submissions:* June 15, 11:59 PM HST
** Final Paper Submission Deadline*: September 22, 2017

*Call for Papers for the Hawaii International Conference on System
> Sciences–51 (HICSS-51), *
> *January 3-6, 2018: Conference at Hilton Waikoloa Village, Big Island*
> * Minitrack:  Cyber-Assurance for Internet of Things and Fog Computing
> Architectures*
> *Minitrack Chairs: *Erich Devendorf, Air Force Research Laboratory,
> erich.devendorf.1 at us.af.mil
> Shiu-Kai Chin, Syracuse University, skchin at syr.edu
> Tyson Brooks, Syracuse University, ttbrooks at syr.edu
> *Submission Deadline*: September 22, 2017
> The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) – has been
> known worldwide as one of the longest standing scientific communities in
> the information systems and technology fields. Since 1968, it has become a
> respected destination that attracts high-caliber scholars and professionals
> in academia, industry and government agencies around the world to discuss
> their cutting-edge research.
> The overarching theme of this minitrack for HICSS-51 is to increase the
> visibility of current research and emergent trends in Cyber-Assurance
> theory, application and embedded security for the Internet of Things
> (IoT)/Fog Computing architectures based on theoretical aspects and studies
> of practical applications. Cyber-assurance is the justified confidence that
> networked systems are adequately secure to meet operational needs, even in
> the presence of attacks, failures, accidents and unexpected events.
> Cyber-assurance means that IoT/Fog Computing smart internet connected
> devices (ICD) and networks possess intrinsic, immutable security properties
> that make them proof against cyber-attacks. The difference is that the
> concept of cyber-assurance must provide embedded, secure
> microchips/processors in ICD devices and networks that can continue to
> operate correctly even when subjected to an attack.
> IoT/Fog Computing devices, systems and networks should be able to resist
> the various security cyber-attacks such as hacking of networks, devices,
> theft of information, disruption, etc. and be able to continue functioning
> with designed minimum levels of performance under severe environmental
> conditions. Through embedded processors and algorithms over the transmitted
> information, the miscoding and leaking of information during transmission
> channels must be prevente to mitigate any loss of data. Timely adjustments
> of information with falling quality and automatic switching to the best
> routing IoT/Fog Computing system by making uses of multi-directional
> routing is also warranted. Cyber-assurance will need to provide the
> principles and technologies to unify these systems to deliver the end-state
> goal of secure IoT/Fog Computing systems for greatly enhanced
> interoperability, scalability, performance, and agility.
> Topics of interest for solicited, invited and otherwise submitted papers
> to this minitrack on HICSS-51 include but are not limited to the following:
>    - Cyber-Attacks against IoT/Fog Computing networks/devices
>    -  Automated IoT/Fog Computing vulnerability identification
>    -  Research on automated IoT/Fog Computing vulnerability assessment
>    - Genetic algorithms for IoT/Fog Computing devices
>    - Visualization tools that support hybrid IoT/Fog Computing networks
>    - Cyber-Physical Systems for IoT/Fog Computing
>    - IoT/Fog Computing frameworks
>    - IoT radar component technology
>    - IoT/Fog Computing sensor networking systems
>    - High frequency IoT/Fog Computing devices and modules
> *Important Dates for Paper Submissions*
> *June 15, 2017 | 11:59 pm HST*: Paper submission deadline
> *August 17, 2017*: Notification of Acceptance/Rejection
> *September 22, 2017*: Deadline for authors to submit final manuscript for
> publication
> *October 1, 2017*: Deadline for at least one author of each paper to
> register for HICSS-51
> Authors are invited to submit papers electronically in PDF format.
> Submitted manuscripts should be structured as technical papers and may not
> exceed 10 letter-size (8.5 x 11) pages including all figures, tables and
> references.
> Submissions not conforming to these guidelines may be returned without
> review. The official language of the conference is English. All manuscripts
> will be reviewed and judged on technical strength, originality,
> significance, quality of presentation, and interest and relevance to the
> conference attendees.  The proceedings will be published through HICSS
> conference proceedings. Submitted papers must represent original
> unpublished research that is not currently under review for any other
> conference or journal. Papers not following these guidelines will be
> rejected without review and further action may be taken, including (but not
> limited to) notifications sent to the heads of the institutions of the
> authors and sponsors of the conference. Submissions received after the due
> date, exceeding the page limit, or not appropriately structured may not be
> considered.
> *Submission Link:  *https://precisionconference.com/~hicss
> Proceedings will be published through the HICSS-51 conference proceedings.
> Papers submitted could be accepted as REGULAR papers (10 pages) or SHORT
> papers (6 pages), depending on the review scores.
> There will be opportunities for researchers to fast track a journal
> publication in a Special Issue on: "Securing Internet of Things and Fog
> Computing Architectures through Cyber-Assurance” with the International
> Journal of Internet of Things and Cyber-Assurance (IJITCA).
> Regards,
> Dr. Erich Devendorf, Air Force Research Laboratory,
> erich.devendorf.1 at us.af.mil
> Dr. Shiu-Kai Chin, Syracuse University, skchin at syr.edu
> Dr. Tyson Brooks, Syracuse University, ttbrooks at syr.edu

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