[AISWorld] Register for AMCIS Early Career and Mid-Career Consortiums

Garfield, Monica MGarfield at bentley.edu
Fri May 5 15:00:43 EDT 2017

Registration for AMCIS 2017 is just around the corner!   We would like to invite you to sign up to attend the Early Career Faculty Consortium or  the Mid-Career Consortium that will be held on August 10th.   Each year these workshops bring new, exciting and insightful content to their participants, if you have been before you are welcome to come again! Both events offer great opportunities to meet new people, share, learn and reflect on the next steps in your career.

See you in Boston Aug. 10-12.


AMCIS 2017 Special Opportunities for Early- and Mid-Career IS Academics

AMCIS 2017, to be held in Boston from Aug. 10-12, provides many opportunities for members of academia to network and find their niche in the IS field.  Unique among these opportunities are the Early-Career and Mid-Career Faculty Consortia.

Both consortia meet August 10 before AMCIS starts.  Each charges a nominal fee of $25 for breakfast and lunch costs.  No need to apply - just check the appropriate box as you register for AMCIS.  But register as soon as you can, because each has attendance limits.

Early-Career Faculty Consortium <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__amcis2017.aisnet.org_events_early-2Dcareer-2Dfaculty-2Dconsortium_&d=DwMF-g&c=kj4KSSBt5oOaHuCCpWXkZw&r=6Cwaij-KEwGNK2M8kAdoSnxQXXjU2Va0Wgv_XQvJpS8&m=EQFrB3DPOhj0WldMa1zrIIvGhY2KQXKLNnyrWV238AI&s=qAZnKSs8xo71FfLHMEqXYLW9HsoLCpvWoxwTMH6QJmU&e=>  (formerly called MIS Camp)

The Early-Career (Junior) Faculty Consortium offers participants insights into their academic career that can help them be valuable, marketable, and successful from their own perspective, and that of their university and the academy. The theme is "Your Academic Niche: A Lifetime Fit for You in Your Career."

Participants should be AIS members beginning their first through fourth year in an academic position as of Fall of 2017. For the planned program, schedule and participating faculty, see the AMCIS 2017 website (Events tab, Early-Career Faculty Consortium).

Mid-Career Faculty Consortium<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__amcis2017.aisnet.org_events_mid-2Dcareer-2Dfaculty-2Dconsortium_&d=DwMF-g&c=kj4KSSBt5oOaHuCCpWXkZw&r=6Cwaij-KEwGNK2M8kAdoSnxQXXjU2Va0Wgv_XQvJpS8&m=EQFrB3DPOhj0WldMa1zrIIvGhY2KQXKLNnyrWV238AI&s=YldcYfQsJ4Knyu7-OeZaAU6gk8N9r2IxSnl9nOjlYk8&e=>

Congratulations!  As an associate professor, you can define your own future!  Mid-career tenured and/or associate professors produce more published articles, teach more students, and participate in more service than faculty at any other career stage.  The many available paths and opportunities are both exciting and difficult to navigate.

This peer-led consortium is designed for and by mid-career faculty.  Its theme is "Defining Your Future and Negotiating a Path to your Goals".  Participants should be AIS members who have received tenure and/or promotion to Associate Professor, including those newly tenured and those settled into an associate professor role.  For the planned program and schedule, see the AMCIS 2017 website (Events tab, Mid-Career Faculty Consortium).

Please consider attending one of these Consortia and/or encouraging your department members to do so.  Both are excellent opportunities for faculty development and for networking with others like you.

For more information, visit the AMCIS 2017<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__amcis2017.aisnet.org_&d=DwMF-g&c=kj4KSSBt5oOaHuCCpWXkZw&r=6Cwaij-KEwGNK2M8kAdoSnxQXXjU2Va0Wgv_XQvJpS8&m=EQFrB3DPOhj0WldMa1zrIIvGhY2KQXKLNnyrWV238AI&s=3QCuqH78hBmNoQ1_M4_119r7dpb92GfZYuWkOGvOwnA&e=> website!


Stay Updated with the Latest from AMCIS 2017
As AMCIS approaches, visit the website often for updates to the schedule, keynote presentations, sponsors, exhibitors and more. Visit the AMCIS website<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__amcis2017.aisnet.org_&d=DwMF-g&c=kj4KSSBt5oOaHuCCpWXkZw&r=6Cwaij-KEwGNK2M8kAdoSnxQXXjU2Va0Wgv_XQvJpS8&m=EQFrB3DPOhj0WldMa1zrIIvGhY2KQXKLNnyrWV238AI&s=J4lo_FZ_8Zo4SyZ47U487NZkerk6MUv2OKMpAvu5WO0&e=> today!


See You In Boston!
Boston welcomes national and international travelers.

The AMCIS 2017<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__amcis2017.aisnet.org_hotel-2Dtravel_hotel-2Dinformation_&d=DwMF-g&c=kj4KSSBt5oOaHuCCpWXkZw&r=6Cwaij-KEwGNK2M8kAdoSnxQXXjU2Va0Wgv_XQvJpS8&m=EQFrB3DPOhj0WldMa1zrIIvGhY2KQXKLNnyrWV238AI&s=aDbseol16g52k7xbquaZG54jPOM_-ROzHWL3wim1dKE&e=> hotel, the Sheraton Boston, is just a few miles from Logan International Airport.

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