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Alberto Espinosa alberto at american.edu
Sat May 13 12:38:32 EDT 2017


We invite you to submit a paper to the Virtual Teams, Organizations, and Networks minitrack (Collaboration Systems and Technologies Track) for HICSS-51 taking place on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. Details are below. If you have any questions about the minitrack, or about the applicability of your potential submission, please contact me or one of us via email.

4-7 January 2018
Hilton Waikola Village
HICSS-51 Minitrack: Virtual Teams, Organizations, and Networks (Collaboration Systems and Technologies Track)

Paper submission deadline : June 15, 2017 | 11:59 pm HST

Teamwork in organizations today is generally characterized by members working across multiple spatial and temporal boundaries in complex configurations comprised of multi-team arrangements, member turnover, and multiple organizational boundaries, among other things. Contemporary virtual teams can rarely be studied as single units because they are often  comingled into larger organizational networks with multiple teams, locations, function as and organizational memberships. Most business, government and scientific projects and processes today have a very prominent virtual dimension. Virtual collaborators often to not have the same first language, come from different national cultures, work in different time zones and may be employed by different organizations, and enter collaborations with different expectations for group processes. These differences, among others, present unique opportunities for management and leadership. Because of the multi-disciplinary nature of research on virtual teams, organizations and networks, we encourage submissions that may inform practice and research in virtual collaboration through a variety of academic lenses, and offer methodological issues and innovation in the study of virtual teams, organizations, and networks. This mini-track invites papers that offer direct and indirect insights into the successful operation of virtual teams, organizations and networks, including research in the vein of computer supported collaborative work (CSCW), computer supported collaborative learning (CSCW), and social and organizational networks. The topics we propose for this minitrack include but are not limited to:

* Spatial and temporal separation and its effects on collaboration
* Coordination in virtual collaboration
* Cultural differences in perception of time
* Conflict management across cultures
* Project management styles and differences across cultures
* Differences in language understanding and its effects on collaboration
* Power distance and its effects on collaboration
* Uncertainty (risk) avoidance and its effects on collaboration
* Anonymity in multicultural teams
* eLeadership
* Deception in virtual teams
* Social loafing in virtual teams
* Personality and its role in virtual teams
* Cross-cultural training
* Virtual team collaboration and innovation
* Emotion in virtual teams
* Relationship building in virtual teams
* Information sharing in virtual teams
* Collaboration and communication tools
* Differences between academic and non-academic virtual teams
* Virtual team case studies
* Social Network Analysis and virtual teams
* Identifying multi-level influences on virtual teams, organizations, and networks
* Multi-teaming in virtual collaboration
* Scientific collaboration in virtual teams (Team Science)

Mini-track chairs:

Derrick L. Cogburn (Primary contact)
Associate Professor of International Communication
Executive Director, COTELCO: The Collaboration Laboratory
Director, Ph.D. Program in Technology and Social Change
School of International Service at American University
Email: dcogburn at american.edu<mailto:dcogburn at american.edu>

Michael J. Hine
Associate Professor of Information Systems
Sprott School of Business
Carleton University
Email: mike.hine at carleton.ca<mailto:mike.hine at carleton.ca>

J. Alberto Espinosa
Professor, Department of Information Technology
IT and Analytics Curriculum Coordinator
Kogod School of Business
American University
Email: alberto at american.edu

Alecia M. Santuzzi
Associate Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Northern Illinois University
Email: asantuzzi at niu.edu

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