[AISWorld] CfP: IS Innovation, Adoption and Diffusion at ECIS 2018

Laumer, Sven sven.laumer at uni-bamberg.de
Wed Oct 18 05:31:21 EDT 2017



26th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2018)

Track 25             IS Innovation, Adoption and Diffusion


June 23-28, 2018, Portsmouth, UK (http://ecis2018.eu/)

Deadline for paper submissions: November 27, 2017 (strict deadline!)


Short Description of the Track

When the technology acceptance model (TAM, Davis 1989) was developed in 1989 computers were new and alien to many organizations and individuals. At that time, technologies were designed to automate administrative and transactional work typically by utilizing large enterprise systems. Now digital technologies are ubiquitous in every aspect of our societies, work, and lives. With an unrelenting pace of innovation, organizations and consumers now face many new dilemmas, new questions, and new uncertainties. On the one hand, users might feel challenged to adapt to changes induced by new digital technologies. On the other hand, users might employ digital technologies to reap benefits for the individual or organization. Studying these different forms of technology use is important, as Thomas Davenport concluded in his keynote at the CIO symposium at ICIS 2015 in Fort Worth, as a discipline, "we need to begin preparing people for the impacts of these technologies". While digital technologies infuse and shape our daily lives, many core theoretical perspectives derive from the time when computers where new and not widely used by many individuals. Hence, there is a need to reconsider old theories, to develop new theories and to employ novel methodological approaches in order to understand how individuals, organizations or societies adopt and use information technology. Therefore, we solicit contributions that advance theory and employ diverse methodological approaches (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, design science, action research, data analytics etc.) that extend understanding of the diffusion of digital technologies.

Potential topics include:
* Organizational adoption and use of digital technologies
* Individual adoption, use, and discontinuance of digital technologies
* Factors enabling or inhibiting acceptance and use of digital technologies
* Positive and negative consequences of using digital technologies for both organizations and individuals
* New theoretical perspectives on acceptance, use and diffusion of digital technologies
* New methodological approaches to study acceptance, use and diffusion of digital technologies

Track Co-Chairs
Sven Laumer, University of Bamberg, Germany
Jason Thatcher, Clemson University, USA
Christian Maier, University of Bamberg, Germany

Track Associate Editors
Bassellier, Geneviève
Bernardi, Roberta
Cheung, Christy MK
Choudri, Jyoti
Claggett, Jennifer
Dwivedi, Yogesh
Eckhardt, Andreas
Haggerty, Nicole
Hsu, Carol
Jeyaraj, Anand
Koch, Stefan
Mills, Annette
Miranda, Shaila M.
Schwarz, Andrew
Sun, Heshan
Tams, Stefan
Tarafdar, Monideepa
Tiefenbeck, Verena
Turel, Ofir
Weitzel, Tim
Wright, Ryan

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