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We are happy to announce that volume 10 of Systems, Signs & Actions has been published (www.sysiac.org<http://www.sysiac.org/>).

Untangling the Web of Practices: Designing Information Systems in Context by Paul Johannesson and Erik Perjons

Abstract: Practices are intertwined with each other, often in complex and unexpected ways. Therefore, the development of information systems artefacts does not only need to take into account the practices in which the artefacts are to be used, but also related practices. However, identifying and exploring these practices is a non-trivial task, which so far has not received much attention in the literature. Thus, the overall goal of the research presented in this paper is to provide a support for systematically addressing multiple, related practices in information systems design. The solution presented consists of a set of guidelines for context-aware analysis and design based on a classification of practice relationships, distinguishing between interconnected and resembling relationships. The former focus on exchanges of information as well as other resources, and they can be divided into management, asset, and input/output relationships. The latter consider practices that are similar to each other though they may reside in distinct areas or domains. The research presented is an example of design science, and the primary research methodology used is conceptual analysis. In order to preliminarily validate the result of the research, a demonstration has been carried out by applying the guidelines for analyzing an information system for schools.

Phenomenological Realism: A Pragmatic Lens for Information Systems Research by Gabriel J. Costello

Abstract: The growing influence of the paradigm of Pragmatism on information systems (IS) research has resulted in some scholars arguing that the perspective should be regarded as an explicit research approach alongside established genre such as positivism and interpretivism. However this paper argues for a more general “pragmatic” perspective in qualitative information systems research (QRIS) that encompasses different traditions. Engaging with the practical has a long history inside and outside of the IS domain and adopting such a position does not imply being an adherent of the philosophical doctrine of Pragmatism. The work proposes that Phenomenological Realism is an example of a pragmatic lens that synthesis two current themes found in the IS literature; Phenomenology and Realism, that could also qualify as an explicit QRIS paradigm. Furthermore, this line of thinking suggests that the present troika of positivism, interpretivism and critical is not cognisant of the landscape of current philosophical scholarship. Future work is called for to develop a repository to stimulate philosophical debate in the information systems discipline.

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