[AISWorld] Are you aged 60+ who lives in the UK and shares photos online?

Shailey Minocha shailey_lists at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Mar 3 14:27:44 EST 2018

  Are you aged 60+ or know somebody over 60+ who lives in the UK and shares photos online?

The Open University is involved in a Sir Halley Stewart Trust-funded research project (http://bit.ly/2sl3ULv) which is addressing the interlinked issues of ageing, wellbeing, loneliness and social isolation, and taking photographs and sharing photos through applications such as email and social media (e.g. Flickr, Facebook, Instagram).
We would like to know experiences of people aged 60+ living in the UK and who share photos online. The link to survey is: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/photo-sharing-social-media-by-people-over-60-years or http://bit.ly/2B9FcxJ (short link)
Your valuable insights/contributions to this research will help inform the ongoing discussion on loneliness amongst older people and their health and wellbeing. The survey will take 8-10 minutes to complete.
The research design of this project has been approved by The Open University's Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC/2017/2498/Minocha). Please contact shailey.minocha at open.ac.uk if you have any queries about the survey or the project. 
Many thanks and kind regards.
Professor Shailey MinochaThe Open University, UK



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