[AISWorld] CFP: HICSS-52 Minitrack on Business Intelligence & Big Data for Innovative & Sustainable Development of Organizations

Zurada,Jozef M. jozef.zurada at louisville.edu
Thu Apr 19 15:28:46 -04 2018

Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Maui, Hawaii, January 8-11, 2019
Collaboration Systems and Technologies Track

Business Intelligence & Big Data for Innovative and Sustainable Development of Organizations Minitrack

Minitrack co-chairs: Celina Olszak, Sandeep Goyal, Jozef Zurada

The development of the Internet, social media, distributed databases, and a variety of mobile devices has caused a huge increase in data. Much of this diverse data in unstructured and structured forms has a high business value and, if properly utilized, can become an important organizational asset. It contains various information about customers, competition, labor market, and development trends for industries, products and services, as well as the public and political mood. For innovative and sustainable development, it is essential for organizations to utilize this data to increase sales, identify future opportunities and new markets, outperform the competition, enhance products and services, recruit talent, improve operations, perform forecasting, protect the brand, and identify areas for improvement to name a few. However, many organizations make a limited use of this valuable data available to them either because they lack necessary tools or do not understand the value of this data.

The main objective of this minitrack is to provide organizations a theoretical, conceptual, and applied grounded discussion of Business Intelligence and Big Data (BI & BD) to aid in innovative and sustainable development as well as effective decision-making. This minitrack addresses the following questions:
*             What is the substance (nature) of BI & BD?
*             What is the added-value of BI & BD to development of organizations and their decision-making process?
*             How to support organizational creativity, innovation and decision-making using BI & BD?
*             How to design intelligent information systems and build decision support systems based on BI & BD?
*             How to use BI & BD tools and solutions to achieve innovative and sustainable development of organizations?

This minitrack invites papers focused on, but not limited to:
*             Theoretical foundations for BI & BD development
*             BI & BD to improve innovative and sustainable development of organizations;
*             Challenges and opportunities of applying BI & BD for innovative and sustainable development of organizations
*             Development of BI & BD analytics capability
*             BI & BD driven strategies
*             BI & BD-enabled business transformation
*             Business value of BI & BD
*             BI & BD engineering for business model innovation
*             Practical approaches, solutions, methods, and tools to foster innovative and sustainable development of organizations by using of BI & BD

Important dates:
*             June 15, 2018           Submit full manuscripts - the review is double-blind
*             August 17, 2018         Acceptance notice is emailed to authors by the review system
*             September 22, 2018      Submit final paper for publication in the conference proceedings
*             January 8-11, 2019      HICSS Conference

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Celina M. Olszak (Primary Contact)
University of Economics in Katowice, Poland
celina.olszak at ue.katowice.pl

Sandeep Goyal
University of Louisville, USA
sandeep.goyal at louisville.edu

Jozef Zurada
University of Louisville, USA
jozef.zurada at louisville.edu

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