[AISWorld] Publication of a new book “Modeling Discrete-Event Systems with GPenSIM.”

Reggie Davidrajuh reggie.davidrajuh at uis.no
Mon May 7 05:25:46 -04 2018

A book on modeling discrete-event system is published recently.

The book: “Modeling Discrete-Event Systems with GPenSIM: An Introduction.”

Author: Davidrajuh, Reggie

Publisher: Springer, 2018

This book describes how readers can develop discrete mathematical models (Petri nets) of any real-life systems using the tool GPenSIM. GPenSIM is a MATLAB based toolbox, well-known for its simplicity and easiness.  This book presents many worked examples that are easy to follow.

Publisher’s webpage for the book: https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319731018

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