[AISWorld] AMCIS 2018 - SIGGIS: 2 Pre-Conference Events: Workshop and Tutorial

Daniel Farkas dfarkas at pace.edu
Mon May 21 17:30:57 -04 2018


Join SIGGIS for two exciting pre-conference events.  At this year's AMCIS
conference in New Orleans (Thursday, August 16), we will have a workshop
and tutorial running concurrently:

*Workshop: Digital Disruption: A Workshop on the Implications for the
Geospatial Realm*

*This workshop will serve as a research forum on the varied aspects of
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the emergence of the “Geospatial
Realm”. As the understanding that geospatial, or locational, data has value
for many organizations, the focus on this special type of data has also
increased. Workshop activities will be facilitated focusing on this
research area to discuss the “who, what, where, when, how, and why” of
participating in this burgeoning research domain. (Contact: Dan Farkas -
dfarkas at pace.edu <dfarkas at pace.edu>)*

*Tutorial: Social Media Operationalized for Locational Analytics: A
Hands-on Tutorial*

*Social media such as Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook, have become de facto
global communication channels to disseminate news, entertainment, and one’s
self-revelations. However, though these organizations provide real-time
data feeds that may be utilized in many ways, how does one actually go
about using these data? This workshop will provide hands-on instruction
regarding the collection, processing, and analysis of these data using
Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools, Topic Modeling Techniques, and
Geographic Information Systems (GIS). (Contact: Brian Hilton
- brian.hilton at cgu.edu <brian.hilton at cgu.edu>)*

Details and Agendas will follow as we get closer to the conference.

Dan Farkas

Dan Farkas, PhD
Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems
Pace University
Pleasantville, NY,  10570 USA

Visiting Professor of Computing, Glyndwr University, Wrexham, Wales, UK


Chair, AIS Special Interest Group on Geographic Information Systems (SIGGIS)

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