[AISWorld] The 20th International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC) 2018

Sung-Byung Yang sbyang at ajou.ac.kr
Tue Jul 3 16:35:23 EDT 2018

The 20th International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC) 2018 in
Tianjin, China, July 6-7, 2018


Hello? I'm Sung-Byung Yang at Kyung Hee University, a Program Co-Chair of
ICEC 2018. ICEC 2018, the largest international conference on e-commerce,
will be held at the Business School of Nankai University in Tianjin, China
from July 6th (Fri) to 7th (Sat). So, we would like to ask you to
participate in this wonderful conference.

The theme of ICEC 2018 is "Challenges and Opportunities for e-Commerce in
the Sharing Economy," which focuses on topics such as the sharing economy,
blockchain technologies, big data analysis, business intelligence, cloud
computing, social media, online reviews, and mobile commerce. A total of 10
keynote speeches and 54 research papers will be presented by international
and domestic experts from academia and industry. In particular, we have
prepared two forums related to "Collaboration and Competition of Online
Business between China and Korea" and "e-Commerce Issues in China" to
provide researchers from all over the world (including researchers from
China and Korea) with productive discussion and meeting opportunities for
future collaboration.

I would like to ask your interest and participation in ICEC 2018. More
information about the conference can be found on the ICEC 2018 website
(http://ibs.nankai.edu.cn/icec/). If you would like any additional
information or have any specific questions regarding ICEC 2018, please
contact me at sbyang at khu.ac.kr <mailto:sbyang at khu.ac.kr> .

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon in Tianjin, China.

Thank you.


Sung-Byung Yang

Co-Program Chair of ICEC 2018



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