[AISWorld] Interested in Organizing a Workshop @ BPM 2018?

Dijkman, R.M. R.M.Dijkman at tue.nl
Mon Oct 22 05:57:07 EDT 2018

Dear AISWorld Reader,

Workshops allow you to engage a select community of people who are working on the latest ideas in a particular area of business process management. Why don't you bring these people together?

If you have thoughts on a research area that you think will be important for BPM in the coming years, we would be happy to hear your thoughts. Perhaps you can engage a group of people who are capable of developing an entirely new area of research. Workshops are the ideal forum for discussing ideas on how to take the field of business process management in new directions.

At the same time a workshop can focus on an existing topic. However, where the main conference attracts papers that present finished work, workshops can attract papers that present ideas and preliminary research. They can facilitate presentations on such preliminary research and inspire new (joint) research in existing domains. If you have thoughts on an area of which you know people are rapidly developing novel techniques that have not yet been fully worked out, we would be happy to hear them as well.

Last year BPM featured eight workshops, both to discuss entirely new research areas and to discuss novel ideas in existing research areas. To continue these important discussion forums, we solicit high-quality workshop proposals that focus, for example, on specific sub-areas of business process management research, on specific application domains, or on standardization activities.

If you already know you want to organize a workshop, we would be happy to receive your proposal. In that case, please find the call for proposals and the e-mail address to which you can send your proposal below. If you have any thoughts on topics that you think might be interesting, but that you would like to discuss with us first, we would be very interested to hear them as well.

In general, organizing a workshop is a very rewarding activity, because it allows you to drive new and interesting research - possibly even entirely new research areas - to engage people with new ideas and inspire them to develop them further.

We are looking forward to your workshop proposals and hope to see you in Vienna!

Please find more details at: https://bpm2019.ai.wu.ac.at/?page_id=238

Best regards,

Remco Dijkman

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