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  AISD2019 conference
Call for research papers

Artificial Intelligence in Securityand Defence

Beirut, 26-29th March, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Blockchain, IoT/IoE,Big Data, and digital transformation are the most dramatic technological gamechangers of all time. These smart technologies are expected to have adisruptive impact on public and private sectors. Defence and security are notan exception (Sukman, 2015). Indeed, smart technologies are changing defenceand security and will enable intelligent warfare in the decades to come (Sloan,2015; Work and Brimley, 2014). 

But how exactly will defence andsecurity be affected? 

Researchers argue that intelligent technologies may have a profoundtransformational impact on defence both on the strategic and on the operationallevels. On the strategic level, defence was about armed force against armedforce (A2A). Recently, defence is moving toward one ‘whole-of-government andwhole-of-society’ against another (D2G&2S) (De Spiegeleire, Maas, andSweijs, 2017). On the operational level, AI can create a more intelligent andautonomous force, can enhance platforms, munitions while enabling fasteroperational decisions and better combat outcomes (Hoadley and Lucas2018).

On another level, cyber security is becoming a major challenge asgovernment agencies, corporations and individuals have increasingly becomevictims of cyber-attacks. With global cyber spending expected to reach $170billion by 2020, cybersecurity is becoming one of the major securitychallenges.


The Research and Strategic Studies Centre (RSSC) in the LebaneseArmy jointly with the “Lebanese Association for Information Systems” (LAIS) inBeirut, the “Middle East and North Africa Association for Information Systems”(MENA-AIS), and the “Information and Communication Technologies inOrganizations” (ICTO) in Paris, organize a conference entitled “ArtificialIntelligence in Security and Defence” (AISD 2019) that will be held in March2019. 

The AISD2019 conference is the first of its kind concerning smarttechnologies, shedding light on how these technologies were, are, and willbe designed, adopted and adapted by the defence sector. The main focuswill be on the impact of these smart Systems on the strategic, operational, andtechnical levels.

The AISD 2019 conference invites researchers, academics,specialists, and IT companies to participate in the submission of scientificand technical studies and research in various areas of smart and informationaltechnology in the security and defence sectors, especially innovative andrigorously developed conceptual, empirical contributions, applications anddeployment strategy and requirements. It also encourages multi-disciplinaryresearch, focusing on Intelligence for national security and counter terrorism,cyber and traditional warfare, logistics and support. 

The conference will also host workshops providing the AI communitywith the opportunity to meet brainstorm and exchange ideas on specific AIresearch themes (Cloud Computing, Blockchain, IoT/IoE, Big Data, DigitalTransformation…) related to defence and security. 

Topics (but not limited to):

-                     Legal framework (local andinternational) and ethics. 

-                     Big dataand AI for defence, security and Public sector

-                     Smarttechnologies to improve security against terrorism

-                     Applicationof Big Data Analytics against risk index in defence, security and public sector

-                     AI and BigData’s role in Cyber security, cyber and traditional warfare 

-                     AI and BigData Applications in counter-terrorism, pre and post attacks

-                     AI role insecurity engineering process 

-                     AI role incounter-espionage

-                     AI role inmobile phone security and data tracking

-                     AI andthreat modelling in defence and security

-                     AIdistributed design and implementation for security and defence

-                     AIhuman-centred design for security and defence

-                     Data Miningin defence, security and public sector

-                     ArtificialIntelligence implementation, adoption, adaptation by armed forces

-                     Digitaltransformation and Inter-organisation data sharing

-                     The role ofsocial media intelligence and analysis in defence and security

-                     AI and deeplearning to identify terrorist propaganda

-                     ERP andInnovation in defence and security (HR, Supply Chain, Logistics and support,...)

-                     IoT/IoE andtheir role in the global defence

-                     IoT/IoE inthe public sector

-                     AI asstrategic tool for advanced warfare

-                     Blockchainand cyber security

-                     Blockchainand Digital Currencies in defence, security and public sector

-                     SmartBuildings/Cities in defence, security and public sector

-                     DigitalForensics

Important dates and useful information:

-                     Deadline for submission15/01/2019

-                     Notification of acceptance15/02/2019

-                     Camera ready paper 20/02/2019

-                     Conference 26-29/03/2019

-                     For visa requirements, a copyof the researcher’s passport is needed before 15/12/2018 (aisd2019 at army.gov.lb)

Location: Le Royal Hotel – Beirut

Research paper template

Research paper submission


Work, R.and Brimley, S.(2014), 20YY Preparing forWar in the Robotic Age,Center for a New American Security, January2014.

Sukman,D. (2015), Lethal Autonomous Systems and the Future of Warfare, Canadian Military Journal, (16:1),44-53.

Sloan,E. (2015), Robotics at War, Survival,(57:5), 107-120.

De Spiegeleire, S., Maas, M., Sweijs, T. (2017),ArtificialIntelligence and the future of defense, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies,The Netherlands.

Hoadley,D., Lucas, N. (2018), ArtificialIntelligence and National Security, Congressional Research Service, USA.

Conference Website: https://aisd.webs.com/

AISD2019 Program Chair



Antoine Harfouche

Management and Strategy Department 

Associate Professor of Information Systemsand Data Analytics
+33 (0)3 20 15 4015 – Office S4-095 

Antoine.harfouche at edhec.edu 




24 avenue Gustave Delory – CS 50411
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