[AISWorld] CFP--2019 AMCIS Minitrack: Dark Side of Social Media

Tawei (David) Wang wang131 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 17:29:55 EST 2019

Minitrack: Dark Side of Social Media

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Yen-Yao Wang, yenyao at auburn.edu, Auburn University

Shih-Hui (Steven) Hsiao, shsiao at ltu.edu, Lawrence Technological University

Tawei (David) Wang, david.wang at depaul.edu, DePaul University

Social media has profoundly changed how individuals communicate and
interact with other individuals or companies. Prior research has mostly
focused on the “bright side” of social media, aiming to understand how
social media could facilitate communications or enhance marketing
activities. However, it is increasingly observable that social media
presents enormous risks for an individual, organizational, and even for
societal levels, which refers to the “dark side” of social media. Examples
of the “dark side” of social media may include fake news, online witch
hunts, cyberbullying, or privacy abuse. Despite the ubiquitous nature of
social media and the development of data analytics skills, we still need to
better understand the role and long-term consequences of this phenomenon.

This minitrack welcomes submissions of original work addressing issues and
challenges in the context of the dark side of social media. We also
encourage submissions of research in progress or studies that are more
practically oriented. Relevant topics for this minitrack include, but are
not limited to, the following:

·       Applications of data analytics in the context of the dark side of
social media

·       Online firestorm of social media

·       Cyberbullying of social media

·       Online witch hunts of social media

·       Addictive use of social media

·       Deep learning approach of determining fake news

·       Government issues on the dark side of social media

·       Privacy issues related to social media

·       Best practices or frameworks

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