[AISWorld] Call for Papers: AMCIS 2019: Mini-track: Problems in Financial Information Technology (PFIT ’19)

Templeton, Gary GTempleton at business.msstate.edu
Mon Feb 25 16:17:00 EST 2019

Track: Decision Sciences and Analytics (SIGDSA)

25th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Aug. 15-17, 2019
Cancun, Quintana Roo, MX

This mini-track solicits papers using methods to critically examine issues hampering the emergence and understanding of financial information technology (FIT) in research and practice. Authors are encouraged to identify and investigate three specific problem areas in finance that affect modern organizations: technology (“FinTech”), analytics and messy data. What are the problems and solutions in these areas? What can researchers do to move beyond the current state of research and practice concerning these IS-relevant issues? In what ways do specified problems impact important IS theories and streams, such as the Productivity Paradox, IT Business Value, and Information Economics? What are the pros and cons and comparative performance of any proposed solutions? Such are the types of questions that may be explored in this mini-track.

We are particularly interested in completed or emerging research addressing the conference theme, New Frontiers in Digital Convergence. Therefore, we hold at a premium papers advancing our understanding of organizations engaged in digital convergence for value creation. In particular, we are interested in information technology firms since they engage in digital convergence out of competitive necessity.

We encourage thought provoking papers utilizing the wealth of archival data (e.g., Compustat and CRPS) accessible by many in the IS research community. We especially value thought provoking papers pushing known boundaries of the three mentioned FIT themes (FinTech, analytics and messy data) in order to improve IS practice. For these reasons, we are interested in high quality papers that illuminates and addresses the effects of the following issues (among others) on modern organizations:


  *   Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
  *   Finance-Technology alignment
  *   Resistance to change
  *   Barriers to innovation
  *   Systems scalability
  *   FinTech Success
  *   Outsourcing FinTech
  *   Issues specific to FinTech Firms
  *   Compliance management
  *   FinTech application frontiers

Financial Analytics

  *   Workflows
  *   Queries
  *   Data storage
  *   Analytical efficiency and economics
  *   Analytical skills
  *   Data security and privacy
  *   User friendliness of big data
  *   Analytical procedures

Messy Financial Data

  *   non-normality
  *   missing data
  *   imputation
  *   inflated frequencies
  *   variables with low levels (i.e., binary)
  *   outliers
  *   negative denominators
  *   measurement bias

Mini-Track chairs
Gary Templeton, Mississippi State University  gft4 at msstate.edu
James Barth, Auburn University  barthjr at auburn.edu
Brian Blank, Mississippi State University  dblank at business.msstate.edu
Andrew Miller, Mississippi State University  asm357 at msstate.edu
Tom Miller, Mississippi State University  twm75 at msstate.edu

Submission Instructions: https://amcis2019.aisconferences.org/submissions/call-for-papers/

Important Dates:
January 7, 2019: Manuscript submissions for AMCIS 2019 begin
March 1, 2019: AMCIS manuscript submissions closes for authors at 10:00am PST
March 7, 2019: All papers have assigned reviewers
April 24, 2019: Camera-ready papers are due

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