[AISWorld] IEEE COMPSAC 2019: Call for J1C2, Workshop, Fast Abstract, Student Research Symposium Paper - Deadline: April 15, 2019

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Hosted by Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
July 15-19, 2019
Data-Driven Intelligence for a Smarter World


COMPSAC is the IEEE Computer Society Signature Conference on Computers,
Software and Applications. It is a major international forum for academia,
industry, and government to discuss research results and advancements,
emerging challenges, and future trends in computer and software
technologies and applications. The theme of COMPSAC 2019 is Data-Driven
Intelligence for a Smarter World.

In the era of “big data” there is an unprecedented increase in the amount
of data collected in data warehouses. Extracting meaning and knowledge
from these data is crucial for governments and businesses to support their
strategic and tactical decision making. Furthermore, artificial
intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) makes it possible for
machines, processing large amounts of such data, to learn and execute
tasks never before accomplished. Advances in big data-related technologies
are increasing rapidly. For example, virtual assistants, smart cars, and
smart home devices in the emerging Internet of Things world, can, we
think, make our lives easier. But despite perceived benefits of these
technologies/methodologies, there are many challenges ahead. What will be
the social, cultural, and economic challenges arising from these
developments?  What are the technical issue related, for example, to the
privacy and security of data used by AI/ML systems? How might humans
interact with, rely on, or even trust AI predictions or decisions
emanating from these technologies? How can we prevent such data-driven
intelligence from being used to make malicious decisions?

submissions for J1C2 (Journal publication first, Conference presentation
following) are based only upon peer-reviewed final papers already accepted
for or published in an IEEE periodical after January, 2016.  A submission
will consist of no more than 2-3 pages including 1) the title of the
paper, the names and affiliations of all authors, and the IEEE publication
in which the paper was published/accepted, 2) the date of
publication/acceptance with a link to the paper if already published, 3) a
copy of the final published or accepted paper and the final acceptance
letter from the periodical’s Editor-in-Chief, 4) a brief summary of the
key results and contributions of the published/accepted paper, and 5)  up
to a 400-500 word description of new developments and/or future proposals
beyond those in the original paper, to be presented at the conference.

COMPSAC 2019 offers 20+ workshops on topics related to computing,
software, and applications. For a full list of workshops, please visit
https://ieeecompsac.computer.org/2019/workshops/. Workshop papers are
limited to 6 pages. Paper templates are available on the website.

The Fast Abstract symposium seeks to bring together students, faculty and
researchers working in computer software, applications, and related
fields. FA papers should be a 2 page article presenting
(https://ieeecompsac.computer.org/2019/fast-abstract/), for example, new
ideas, work in progress, or opinions that address issues relevant to
computer software, applications and related fields.

The Student Research Symposium provides a forum for both undergraduate and
graduate students to interact with other students, faculty mentors, and
industry practitioners. Submissions are a 4 page summary of their research
work, which is later presented as a poster at the symposium.

Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research work, as well
as industrial practice reports. Simultaneous submission to other
publication venues is not permitted except as highlighted at the COMPSAC
2019 J1C2 & C1J2 page.  All submissions must adhere to IEEE Publishing
Policies, and all will be vetted through the IEEE CrossCheck portal.


Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research work, as well
as industrial practice reports. Simultaneous submission to other
publication venues is not permitted except as highlighted at the COMPSAC
2019 J1C2 & C1J2 webpage.  In accordance with IEEE policy, submitted
manuscripts will be checked for plagiarism. Instances of alleged
misconduct will be handled according to the IEEE Publication Services and
Product Board Operations Manual.

Please note that in order to ensure the fairness of the review process,
COMPSAC follows the double-blind review procedure. Therefore we kindly ask
authors to remove their names, affiliations and contacts from the header
of their papers in the review version. Please also redact all references
to authors’ names, affiliations or prior works from the paper when
submitting papers for review. Once accepted, authors can then include
their names, affiliations and contacts in the camera-ready revision of the
paper, and put the references to their prior works back.


Page limits are inclusive of tables, figures, appendices, and references.

Workshop Papers: 6 pages
Fast Abstracts: 2 pages
Student Research Symposium papers: 4 pages
Posters: 1 page


April 15, 2019: Workshop papers due
May 1, 2019: Workshop papers notifications
May 17, 2019 – Camera ready submissions and advance author registration due

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