[AISWorld] CFP - The Technical, Socio-Economic and Ethical Aspects of AI Minitrack @HICSS 2020

Nancy Deng ndeng at csudh.edu
Tue Feb 26 22:27:30 EST 2019

[AISWorld] CFP - The Technical, Socio-Economic and Ethical Aspects of AI Minitrack @HICSS 2020

?Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences- HICSS-53 (January 7-10, 2020, Grand Wailea, Maui)
Minitrack: The Technical, Socio-Economic and Ethical Aspects of AI

Track:  knowledge Innovation and Entrepreneurial Systems

Augmented intelligence offers a new perspective to look at the artificial intelligence (AI), social computing, machine learning, big data, data mining, and related areas. It has a clear emphasis that humanity, not machines, is the core of this scientific inquiry.

The Technical Aspect of AI. The technological advancements in computer science and information systems have presented AI as a new type of aid to human workers. Given that social computing allows human to better identify, acquire, assimilate, generate, share, and use knowledge resources, scientists and industry experts have started to view artificial intelligence as systems to enhance and augment human capabilities.

The Socio-Economic Aspect of AI. AI allows businesses to explore new opportunities through innovation spillovers. As the needs for social computing continue to grow, researchers increasingly study how AI can drive the digital economy while at the same time offering solutions to societal issues.

The Ethical Aspect of AI. Ethical concerns have arisen in the development and deployment of artificial intelligence systems. Computer and data scientists have encountered or will encounter ethical issues such as biases in the building of machine learning models and stereotypes in the development of robots.

This minitrack is open to papers in all formats including empirical studies, design, theory, theoretical framework, case studies, and etc.  Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

--AI and social computing

--AI and knowledge management

--AI, innovation and human decision making

--AI and future of work

--AI in healthcare

--Human-AI collaboration

--Human-AI interaction

--Trust towards AI and robots

--Users' fear of AI

--Robots and the impacts on workplace

--Biases in machine learning models and best practices

Important Dates
April 15, 2019:               Beginning of Submission Period
June 15, 2019:                Paper Submission Deadline (11:59 pm HST)
August 17, 2019:            Notification of Acceptance/Rejection
September 22, 2019:      Deadline for Final Manuscript
October 1, 2019:            Deadline for at least one author to register

January 7, 2020:             Symposia, Workshops, and Tutorials

January 8-10, 2020:        Paper Presentations

Minitrack Co-Chairs
Yibai Li (Primary Contact) | yibai.li at scranton.edu

Xuefei (Nancy) Deng | ndeng at csudh.edu

Yichuan Wang | yichuan.wang at sheffield.ac.uk


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