[AISWorld] Call for mini-track proposals - AMCIS 2013 Track on Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management (sponsored by AIS SIGDSS)

Ozgur Turetken turetken at ryerson.ca
Mon Sep 24 16:52:32 EDT 2012

Call For Minitrack Proposals,

We invite the submission of minitrack proposals to the 19th Americas
Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2013) track sponsored by AIS
SIGDSS. AMCIS will be held on August 15-17, 2013 in Chicago. AMCIS 2013
brings together academics and industry professionals around the world to
exchange knowledge related to the AMCIS 2013 theme, Hyperconnected World:
Anything Anywhere Anytime.

The track details are as follows:

Track Co-Chairs:	Ozgur Turetken, Ryerson University,
turetken at ryerson.ca
			Bartel Van de Walle, Tilburg University,
bartel at uvt.nl
			Lakshmi Iyer, The University of North Carolina at
Greensboro, Lsiyer at uncg.edu

Track Description:

The Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management (BI/KM) track aims to
attract novel research on technologies, applications, and processes for
gathering, storing, accessing, analyzing, and presenting data, information
and knowledge for informed managerial decisions and organizational

In addition to the plethora of applications that are already available for
data mining and business intelligence, newer technologies such as web 2.0
and social networking environments bring in novel managerial and technical
challenges related to analyzing large volumes of data. Knowledge management
also encompasses knowledge that exists in unstructured forms and that
intersects with technology, processes and people. The result is not only
technical, but also business and management challenges that include
economic, strategic, and behavioral issues. This research track aims to
promote forward- thinking research in theoretical, design science, and
behavioral aspects of BI/KM/DSS/Analytics.

This track has consistently taken place in the AMCIS program with varying
combinations of BI/KM related topics such as data warehousing, text mining
and data visualization. The track has evolved over time as there are changes
in the available technologies and related issues in the domain.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
.	Data/Text/Web mining
.	Online analytical processing (modeling)
.	Master Data Management (MDM)
.	Data integration management (such as ETL, EAI, EII, SOA)
.	Social media and Web 2.0 analytics
.	Pervasive and real-time BI
.	Data warehouse or data mart design (conceptual, logical, physical)
.	BI for customer relationship management
.	Data and information visualization
.	Business performance management (BPM) and optimization
.	Data Security
.	Information privacy
.	Behavioral Economics and BI
.	BI strategies
.	BI performance metrics
.	BI governance, implementation, management and metrics
.	Management of knowledge and business process improvement
.	Measurement of organizational knowledge
.	Knowledge Management Systems (KMS)
.	Social and behavioral issues in KM

Given the very broad and encompassing nature of the research area, there is
room for new mini-tracks involving emerging issues especially those to do
with Web 2.0, mobility, and cloud computing.

Minitrack chairs will be responsible for a) promoting their minitrack to
generate manuscript submissions to AMCIS 2013;  b) soliciting and assigning
reviewers for manuscripts submitted to the minitrack; and c) making
recommendations to track chairs about each manuscript submitted to the
minitrack. Each of these important dates and activities are identified on
the AMCIS 2013 website.

Those interested in submitting a minitrack can see the Business Intelligence
and Knowledge Management track description along with those for the other 28
tracks at:

To submit a minitrack proposal, you must submit a) minitrack chairs (names,
emails, affiliation); b) minitrack title; c) short description of minitrack
for the AMCIS 2013 website (up to 150 words); d) call for papers for your
minitrack. To submit a minitrack proposal, visit:
http://aisel.aisnet.org/amcis2013_minitracks/ and

Important Dates:

To view the full schedule of activities for minitrack chairs, visit: 

October 1, 2012: Submit minitrack proposals to Bepress (new submission
system for AMCIS)
October 18, 2012: Minitrack proposals due
November 19, 2012: Revised Minitrack proposal due
January 4, 2013: Manuscript submissions for AMCIS 2013 begin

Best regards,

Ozgur Turetken, Ph.D.
Associate Director, External Relations, Research and Graduate Programs,
Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management,
Ryerson University,
Address: Room 2-026 575 Bay Street, Toronto, ON Canada M5G 2C5,
Mailing Adress: 350 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON, Canada M5B 2K3,
Tel: (416) 979 5000 x2481,
Fax: (416) 979 5249,
E-mail: turetken at ryerson.ca

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