[AISWorld] Request for case studies and performance benchmark data on software projects

Sridhar Varadharajan sridhar.varadharajan at sasken.com
Wed Oct 17 02:40:14 EDT 2012

Most often, the courses on Software Project Management end up being lecture/ short case study based. In order to improve the engagement with the students/ participants, one of my colleagues has built a simulator that can take participants through the entire project life cycle, enabling the participants to dynamically adjust various project parameters and do what-if analysis, thereby experiencing projects.

To create realistic project using this simulator, we are looking for illustrative project case studies, situational analysis and project performance data in the areas of Information Technology (IT)/ IT Enabled Services (ITES).

It is our objective to make available the simulator as freeware for academic/non-commercial use to help further the research and advancement of  project management profession.

Would appreciate if you could give pointers to publicly available information on the above.

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