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Open Journal of Semantic Web (OJSW): Call for Papers

* About OJSW
The Open Journal of Semantic Web (OJSW), an open access online journal, 
publishes original and creative research results on the Semantic Web. 
OJSW distributes its articles under the open access model. All articles 
of OJSW are fully open access and online available to readers free of 
charge. Accepted manuscripts are published online immediately.

OJSW aims to provide a forum for sharing and exchanging ideas, 
experiences and research results among scientists and practitioners of 
the Semantic Web. OJSW publishes regular research papers, short 
communications, reviews and visionary papers in all aspects of the 
Semantic Web. There is no restriction on the length of the papers.

* Aims & Scope
The current World Wide Web enables an easy, instant access to a vast 
amount of online information.  However, the content in the Web is 
typically for human consumption, and is not tailored to be 

The Semantic Web, which is intended to establish a 
machine-understandable web, thereby offers a promising and potential 
solution to mining and analyzing web content. The Semantic Web is 
currently changing from an emergent trend to a technology used in 
complex real-world applications.

We are interested in scientific articles on all aspects of Semantic Web, 
including but are not limited to the following topics:

- Semantic Data Management and Optimization
   - Big Data

   - Graph Databases

   - Federations

   - Spatial Data
- Rule-based Languages like RIF and SWRL
- Microformats (e.g. RDFa)
- Ontology-based Approaches for
   - Modelling
   - Mapping
   - Evolution
   - Real-world ontologies
- Reasoning Approaches
   - Real-World Applications
   - Efficient Algorithms
- Linked Data

   - Integration of Heterogeneous Linked Data
   - Real-World Applications
   - Statistics and Visualizations
   - Quality

   - Ranking Techniques

   - Provenance

   - Mining and Consuming Linked Data
- Semantic Web Stream Processing

   - Dynamic Data

   - Temporal Semantics

- Performance and Evaluation of Semantic Web Technologies
   - Benchmarking for Semantic Web Technologies
- Semantic Web Applications in specific domains, e.g., Life Science, 
eGovernment, eEnvironment, eHealth

* Editor-in-Chief:
Prof. Maria-Esther Vidal, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela

* Editorial Board:
Dr. Stefan Dietze, L3S Research Center, Germany
Prof. Dr. Vadim Ermolayev, Zaporozhye National University, Ukraine
Dr. Raúl García-Castro, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
Dr. rer. nat. habil. Sven Groppe, University of Lübeck, Germany
Prof. Hyoil Han, Marshall University, USA
Dr. Petr Kremen, Czech Technical University, Czech Republic
Prof. Wookey Lee, Inha University, Korea
Prof. Yugi Lee, University of Missouri at Kansas City, USA
Prof. Massimo Marchiori, University of Padua, Italy, and Chief 
Technology Officer, Atomium Culture
Prof. Ismael Navas-Delgado, Universidad de Málaga, Spain
Dr. Laura Papaleo, University of Genova, Italy
Dr. Miguel A. Martínez-Prieto, University of Valladolid, Spain
Dr. Massimo Ruffolo, University of Calabria, Italy
Dr. Melike Sah, University of Dublin, Ireland
Dr. Umberto Straccia, National Research Council, Italy
Prof. Maria Vargas-Vera, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Chile
Dr. Amal Zouaq, Royal Military College of Canada and Queen's University, 

* Submission

OJSW welcomes submissions at any time by sending an email to 
ojsw at ronpub.com.

OJSW provides two types of review processes: open & transparent as well 
as traditional.
For more information on the submission procedures and author guidelines, 
please see the journal website www.ronpub.com/ojsw.

Publication fees are completely waived for all accepted manuscripts 
submitted before 1st December 2013!

OJSW Editorial Office
RonPub UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Lübeck, Germany
Web: www.ronpub.com/ojsw
Email: ojsw at ronpub.com

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