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Three senior Lectureships in Information Systems at the Department of Applied IT,  University of Gothenburg

The University of Gothenburg invites applications for three full time, tenured positions as senior lecturer in Information Systems (Informatics). The positions are placed at the Department of Applied IT (Division of Informatics), a joint department of University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. The department is located at Campus Lindholmen in Gothenburg, Sweden.

  1.  A senior lecturer with a focus on Digital Innovation and Digital Infrastructure. More information: Digital Innovation and Digital Infrastructure<http://www.gu.se/english/about_the_university/announcements-in-the-job-application-portal/?languageId=0&disableRedirect=true&id=19144&Dnr=562183&Type=E>
  2.  A senior lecturer with a focus on Digital Innovation and digitalization of Society. More Information: Digital Innovation and digitalization of Society<http://www.gu.se/english/about_the_university/announcements-in-the-job-application-portal/?languageId=0&disableRedirect=true&id=19144&Dnr=562120&Type=E>
  3.  A senior lecturer with a focus on Business Intelligence and ERP Systems. More Information: Business Intelligence and ERP Systems<http://www.gu.se/english/about_the_university/announcements-in-the-job-application-portal/?languageId=0&disableRedirect=true&id=19144&Dnr=562159&Type=E>

Closing date for all three positions: 7  November 2013

For further information please contact: Head of Department Urban Nulden, phone: +46 31 786 2763, e-mail urban.nulden at gu.se<mailto:urban.nulden at gu.se> or Head of Informatic Division Kalevi Pessi, phone: +46 706 989448, e-mail: kalevi.pessi at gu.se<mailto:kalevi.pessi at gu.se>.

The department of Applied IT includes six divisions and more than 80 faculty members. The department offers a number of attractive degrees to students committed to engaged scholarship in the wide area of applied information technology. Research-wise the Division of Informatics provides an excellent platform for cutting-edge research at the intersection of information systems, IT management, and operations management. The division already hosts a number of top researchers in the area, and is taking active measures to leverage this research into a solid research environment that is competitive on an international scene.   Information about the department may be found at http://www.ait.gu.se/<http://www.ait.gu.se/english/?languageId=100001&contentId=-1&disableRedirect=true&returnUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ait.gu.se%2F>

Information about the positions, the complete links below:


Kalevi Pessi, Associate Professor
Head of Informatics Division
Department of Applied Information Technology
Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg
SE-412 96 Göteborg, Sweden
Web: www.ait.gu.se<x-msg://99/www.ait.gu.se>
email: kalevi at chalmers.se<mailto:kalevi at chalmers.se> kalevi.pessi at gu.se<mailto:%20kalevi.pessi at gu.se>
Phone +46 (0)706 989448

Rikard Lindgren
Professor of Informatics
Vice Head of Graduate Education
Department of Applied Information Technology
University of Gothenburg
Senior Editor ISJ: http://www.isj-editors.org/
Associate Editor ISR: http://isr.journal.informs.org/
Advisory Board Member SJIS: http://aisel.aisnet.org/sjis/

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