[AISWorld] Summary of responses on "PhD dissertations using Design Science"

ilia ilia at ibissoft.se
Sun Feb 9 12:03:22 EST 2014

Dear Colleagues,

On our request for links to PhD dissertations that used Design Science 
approach (repeated at the end of this message), we got the list of 
references presented below.

We are thankful to all who responded.

Thank you and best regards


List of references

1. Lainema, T.  (2003). Enhancing Organizational Business Process 
Perception - Experiences from Constructing and Applying a Dynamic 
Business Simulation Game. Turku School of Economics, Series A-5:2003 
(Doctoral dissertation). ISBN: 951-564-139-X. Online: 



4. http://mro.massey.ac.nz/handle/10179/4653

5.  https://eprints.usq.edu.au/23774/2/Gacenga_2013_front.pdf


7. Sangeeta Karmokar. "Improving the Website Design Process for SMEs: A 
Design Science Perspective" Faculty of Business and Law, Auckland 
University of Technology (PhD thesis)

8. Ronald Maier and Andreas Schmidt. Explaining organizational knowledge 
creation with a knowledge maturing model. In: Knowledge Management 
Research & Practice (2014) 1–21
part of the MATURE project http://mature-ip.eu

9.Tate, Nicholas J.A. (2009) A Framework for Assessing Certification 
Schemes for IT Security Professionals, unpublished PhD thesis, Deakin 
University, Melbourne, Australia. http://dro.deakin.edu.au/view/DU:30027495

Dear Colleagues,

Hereby, we kindly request your help in our efforts to investigate the 
connection between Design Science Research (DSR) on one hand and 
Empirical Research (ER) on the other. The general outline for this 
investigation was presented at and published in the proceedings of 
DESRIST 2013 as research in progress:

Bider I., Johannesson P., Perjons E., Using Empirical Knowledge and 
Studies in the Frame of Design Science Research. In J. vom Brocke et al. 
(Eds.): DESRIST 2013, LNCS 7939, Springer, 2013, pp. 463–470: 

Now, we are going into the second stage - "adding meat to the bones", 
and validating the approach in practice. For this, we need reports on 
completed projects done under DSR paradigm. Currently, we believe that 
the best source for such reports would be completed doctoral thesis with 
Design Science as dominated approach. Our belief is connected to the 
fact that PhD candidates are required to report not only on the results 
of their research, but also detailed methods used when obtaining them.

We would appreciate any links/reference to PhD thesis in IS, your own or 
you students or colleagues, that were completed using DSR as the main 
approach for obtaining the results. Best of all, we would like links 
that allows to download the texts of the thesis.

Thanks you for cooperation.
The compiled list will be posted back to the list.

--Sincerely Ilia
Dr. Ilia Bider
Process- och systemutvecklingskonsult at IbisSoft.se
Lektor & Forskare/Docent i data- och systemvetenskap at DSV.su.se
ilia at ibissoft.se        +46 (0)8 164998
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