[AISWorld] AdaptiveCM 2014: Last call for participation

ilia ilia at ibissoft.se
Fri Aug 29 03:56:23 EDT 2014

Dear colleagues,

If you are participating in EDOC 2014 in Ulm, Germany, or are around 
this city in the beginning of the next week, please consider 
participation in theThird International Workshop on:

"Adaptive Case Management and other Non-workflow Approaches to BPM"

We have an interesting program (hopefully you find it so :-)) that 
includes keynote and brainstorming on the topic of how to make Adaptive 
Case Management a mainstream direction:

*8:00-9:00* -- Registration

*9:00-10:30* -- Session 1. /Opening/. Session chair -- Ilia Bider


-- Presentation of participants
/9:15-10:30/ -- Keynote: "/There is Nothing Routine about Innovation/". 
Keith Swenson (US)*10:30-11:000* -- Coffee Break

*11:o0-12:30* -- Session 2. /Research/. Session chair -- Keith Svenson

/11:00-11:30/ --  "/Research Challenges in Adaptive Case Mangement: A 
Literature Review/".  Matheus Hauder, Simon Pigat and Florian Matthes
/11:30-12:00/ -- "/Examining Case Management Demand using Event Log 
Complexity Metrics/". Marian Benner-Wickner, Matthias Book, Tobias 
Brückmann and Volker Gruhn
/12:00-12:30/ -- "/Process-Aware Task Management Support for 
Knowledge-Intensive Business Processes: Findings, Challenges, 
Requirements/". Nicolas Mundbrod and Manfred Reicher

*12:30-14:00* Lunch

*14:00 -15:30* -- Session 3. /Practice/. Session chair -- TBD

/14:00-14:30/ -- "/A Case for Declarative Process Modelling: Agile 
Development of a Grant Application System/". Søren Debois, Thomas 
Hildebrandt, Morten Marquard and Tijs Slaats
/14:30-15:00/ -- "/Towards a pattern recognition approach for 
transferring knowledge in ACM/" Thanh Tran Thi Kim, Christoph Ruhsam, 
Max J. Pucher, Maximilian Kobler and Jan Mendling
/15:00-15:30/ -- "/How can the blackboard metaphor enrich collaborative 
ACM systems?/". Helle Frisak Sem, Steinar Carlsen and Gunnar John Coll

*15:30-16:00* -- Coffee Break

*16:00-17:30* -- Session 4. /Ideas/. Session chair -- TBD

/16:00-16:30/ -- "/Towards Aspect Oriented Adaptive Case Management/". 
Amin Jalali and Ilia Bider
/16:30-17.30/ -- /Brainstorming "/How to make Adaptive Case Management a 
mainstream direction"

*17:00-17:45* -- Session 5. /Closing/. Session Chair -- Ilia Bider

-- Best regards/Ilia
Dr. Ilia Bider
Process- och systemutvecklingskonsult at IbisSoft.se
Lektor & Forskare/Docent i data- och systemvetenskap at DSV.su.se
ilia at ibissoft.se         +46 (0)8 164998
Aligning market environment, people and technology ...http://slidesha.re/1qEVcz1

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