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Dear Colleagues:
Please find below the call for papers for a Special Issue of Information
Systems Frontier: A Journal of Research and Innovation
*Big Data and Analytics for a Better World*” (

The recent explosion of big data has radically changed the way managers can
measure and gain insights about their businesses (McAfee and Brynjolfsson
2012). Application analytics and big data approaches enable measurement and
creation of knowledge that helps organizations make effective decisions and
gain high performance in various business functions. The adoption of a data
driven culture and the use of big data approaches for decision-making has
the potential to lead organizations towards sustainable competitive
advantage and productivity gains (Watson 2014).

As organizations in various sectors re-formulate IT strategies and
investments for the evolving market, it is imperative to understand how big
data can be used effectively for decision-making purposes. Companies are
actively seeking for mechanisms to outrun their competitors through
analytics driven innovation. For example, companies are strategizing to
increase their customer base by developing a better and deeper
understanding of customer needs through big data analytics.

Scientific community has a strong focus on understanding the paradigm
shifts resulting from increased use of big data from multiple sources for
decision-making. The management, processing and use of these large data
sets present new challenges for organizations and society. Consequently,
big data has become fertile grounds for further development of new areas
that will lead to improved functioning of various components of society.
Beyond organizational impact, analytics is starting to play a critical role
in non-profits, non-government and government entities to address several
social and global challenges. As a result, there is considerable interest
worldwide in examining how big data and related new computing paradigms can
improve or alter processes and core functionalities while improving
outcomes and key performance indicators.

This special issue of Information Systems Frontiers on ‘Big Data and
Analytics for a better world’ seeks theory building, design science,
behavioral research and emerging applications in innovative areas of big
data use, analytics, and decision support. Topics of interest include, but
not limited to:

   - Energy analytics – sustainability, smart grid, etc.
   - Health care analytics – personalized medicine, population health
   management, smart HIT systems, fraud prevention, etc.
   - Analytics for improved disease management, diagnostics, endemics, and
   rural health
   - Analytics in developing and underdeveloped nations, smart resource
   sharing and allocation
   - Analytics for climate and weather, environment and pollution management
   - Analytics for open government and data portals
   - Big data approaches applied to improve cognitive performance and
   reduce the dark
   - side of technology, (e.g. information overload, techno stress,
   technology addiction,
   - etc.).
   - Application of analytics for global development
   - Security and privacy in the social media and big data context;
   - Case studies utilizing disparate and big data emphasizing on high
   global and societal impact or problems of high value;
   - Application of social network analysis (SNA) on big data in
   collaborative systems,
   - Transportation and traffic safety

A major focus of the issue will be on novel and high impact problems having
a positive impact on global and societal issues. However, the special issue
will also solicit original research on topics related to innovative design
and development of analytics models as applied to solve such problems using
approaches including but not limited to:

   - Analytics for Decision Support: visual analytics; data warehousing;
   OLAP and executive support; big data and large-scale data storage;
   in-memory analytics;.
   - Analytics for smarter Knowledge management: smart expert systems
   applications using data from disparate sources and methodologies such text
   mining, data mining, rule-based systems, semantic web technologies to
   address specific decision support needs; mobile technologies.
   - Predictive Analytics and descriptive analytics applied to large scale
   - Document-driven Analytics: knowledge coding, analysis, search and
   retrieval for decision support for a variety of devices (e.g., tablets,
   - Analytics using social media, identifying socio-technical gaps,
   benefits and challenges for collaboration in Big Data; novel storage and
   management approaches for big data;
   - Decision Outcomes and Performance Evaluation: effects of using
   decision technologies, designing for improved decision performance; metrics
   for data warehousing, BI, and analytics.

*Projected Time Line:*
Deadline for original submissions: May 1, 2015
Final notifications to authors: January 15, 2016

Opportunity to Fast track papers: In addition to direct submissions,
appropriate Track/Mini-track chairs of the following conferences will be
contacted to recommend “high quality” papers that fit the theme of the
special issue to be fast tracked: ECIS 2014, SHARP 2014, ICIS and
Pre/Post-ICIS 2014, HICSS 2015 and AMCIS 2015.
McAfee, Andrew and Erik Brynjolfsson. (2012) "Big Data: The Management
Revolution". Harvard Business Review, October.
Watson, Hugh J. (2014) "Tutorial: Big Data Analytics: Concepts,
Technologies, and Applications," Communications of the Association for
Information Systems: Vol. 34, Article 65.

*Editors Biography*
Lakshmi Iyer is an Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Programs in
the Information Systems and Supply Chain Management Department, Bryan
School of Business and Economics at the University of North Carolina
Greensboro (UNCG). Her research interests are in the area of business
analytics, knowledge management, emerging technologies & its impact on
organizations and users, and diversity in computing. She is a Board member
of Teradata University Network, Chair of the Special Interest Group in
Decision Support and Analytics (formerly SIGDSS). She has served as a Guest
Editor for Communications of the ACM, and the Journal of Electronic
Commerce Research. She is also co-editor of a forthcoming book: Annals of
Information Systems Special Issue on “Reshaping Society through Analytics,
Collaboration, and Decision Support: Role of BI and Social Media,” from the
2013 pre-ICIS workshop in Milan, Italy.

*Ashish Gupta* is the founding Director of Big Data & Analytics Research
Center (BDARC) and an Associate Professor of Analytics & IS in the College
of Business at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. His research
interests are in the areas of analytics, big data, healthcare informatics,
and smart grid. His recent articles have appeared in journals such as
Journal of Biomedical Informatics, IEEE Transactions, Information Systems
Journal, European Journal of Information Systems, Decision Support Systems,
Information Systems Frontiers, and Communications of the Association for
Information Systems. He has edited 4 book volumes (springer) and guest
edited special issues of journal such as Decision Support Systems,
Information Systems journal, etc.

*Thilini Ariyachandra* is an Associate Professor, Management Information
Systems, in the Williams College of Business, Xavier University, USA. Her
main research interests focus on business intelligence, analytics and big
data frameworks, design, implementation and success, business
intelligence/analytics education. She has published in journals such as the
Communications of the AIS, Communications of the ACM, Decision Support
Systems, Business Intelligence Journal and International Journal of
Business Intelligence Research.

*Ramesh Sharda* is the Vice Dean of the Watson Graduate School of
Management, Watson/ConocoPhillips Chair and a Regents Professor of
Management Science and Information Systems in the Spears School of Business
at Oklahoma State University. He has coauthored two textbooks (Business
Intelligence and Analytics: Systems for Decision Support, 10th edition,
Prentice Hall and Business Intelligence: A Managerial Perspective on
Analytics, 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall). He is a member of the editorial
boards of journals such as the Decision Support Systems, Decision Sciences,
and Information Systems Frontiers. He is also serving as the Executive
Director of Teradata University Network.

*Dave Schrader* had over 22 years of experience as a marketing director at
Teradata, where he marketed the Teradata® Unified Data Architecture™ Big
Data and Active Intelligence™ initiatives. Throughout his career, Schrader
assisted Teradata customers use both traditional and big data to create
analytical insights and predictive models. He continues as a board member
of the Teradata University Network, giving talks at universities. He is
known for creating 12 episodes of “Business Scenario Investigations” (BSI),
a CSI-like “show” on YouTube that shows how data forensic investigators can
better use data. Schrader holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Purdue
University, has published in the areas of customer management and business
intelligence, and is a popular conference speaker.

Lakshmi S. Iyer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Information Systems Graduate Programs Director
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Email: Lsiyer at uncg.edu; Phone: 336/334-4984; Fax: 336/334-5580
URL: http://lsiyer.wp.uncg.edu/
*Women in IT - http://wiit.uncg.edu <http://wiit.uncg.edu>*,
www.facebook.com/wemakeIT <http://www.facebook.com/wemakeit>
Global IT conference <http://www.gitma.org>;  AMCIS 2015
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