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My apologies to the research team in France. France was signed up for the
World IT Project a few weeks ago and is no longer available.


On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 2:16 PM, Prashant Palvia <pcpalvia at uncg.edu> wrote:

> Note: Since our first posting, significant progress has been made in
> signing new countries.
> Dear IS colleagues:
> If you are a researcher from outside the U.S. and would like to
> participate in this landmark research, please consider joining the World IT
> Project. This groundbreaking research is likely to make a major imprint on
> IS research for years to come. The World IT Project is designed to examine
> important issues confronting IT employees, both staff and management, in
> many countries of the world.  The project requires survey data collection
> from different countries, representing different cultures, levels of
> economic growth, societal and religious beliefs, and political systems. In
> terms of scope, the project is akin to Hofstede’s research on culture and
> the GLOBE project.
> Specifically, the project will examine various IT employee issues, such as
> organizational IT issues, technology issues, and individual issues. Among
> organizational IT issues are the roles of IT strategic planning,
> IT-business alignment, business process reengineering, security and
> privacy, and IT reliability and efficiency, to name a few, in the nature
> and experience of IT employment.  Technology issues include how cloud
> computing, social media, ERP systems, business intelligence, and big data,
> again to name just a few, are perceived by IT workers to influence their
> jobs.  Some of the factors concerning individuals include job satisfaction,
> efficacy, and role ambiguity.  For a deeper understanding of these, the
> context is important.  These contextual variables include such factors as
> the organizational variables (including structure and strategy),
> organizational culture, IT occupational culture, and national culture.
> More information is available at:
> http://www.uncg.edu/bae/people/palvia/TheWorldITProject.pdf
> More than 40 countries from all parts of the globe will be targeted.  The
> project was initiated in mid 2013 and already 23 countries have signed up
> as shown below.
> Australia
> Bangladesh
> Brazil
> Canada
> China
> Croatia
> Ethiopia
> Germany
> India
> Italy
> Jordan
> Lithuania
> Malaysia
> Mexico
> Nigeria
> Poland
> Portugal
> Saudi Arabia
> South Africa
> Thailand
> Turkey
> Vietnam
> We are seeking additional committed researchers from other countries to
> join us in this endeavor.  Typically 1-3 investigators will be assigned to
> each country. Some specific countries targeted are: Egypt, Finland, France,
> Greece, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, South Korea,
> Taiwan, and U.K.  For each targeted country, data will be collected from
> 10-15 IT employees from 25-30 organizations, yielding a minimum sample size
> of 300.
> The direct benefits to you from joining The World IT Project are the
> following:
> -    You get readymade instrument and procedures. Your main effort is in
> data collection.
> -    You have access to the best expertise.
> -    You will have co-authorship in several publications. This will
> include co-authorship using data from your country and co-authorship in
> comparative studies that include your country.
> -    You will have international colleagues to collaborate with.
> -    There will be tremendous opportunities for growth
> Your roles and responsibilities will include the following:
> -    Commit to the project and collect quality data in a timely manner.
> -    Assist in writing.
> -    Be responsive to project requests and deadlines.
> -    Attend an annual meeting of the group to discuss project progress and
> results.
> The Project’s Core Team members include: Drs. Naveed Baqir, Jaideep Ghosh,
> Tim Jacks, Paul Licker, Prashant Palvia (project leader), Celia Romm
> Livermore, and Aykut Hamit Turan. For more information, please contact any
> of the team members or Prashant Palvia at pcpalvia at uncg.edu.
> Thank you.
> Prashant Palvia
> The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
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