[AISWorld] Call for Proposals - Research Frontiers for Crowdsourcing in Organizational Research

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Call for Proposals

Center for Organization Research and Design (CORD) at Arizona State
University “Research Frontiers for Crowdsourcing in Organizational Research”
Phoenix, Arizona

September 24th-25th, 2015

Announcing a new two-day multi- and cross-disciplinary workshop hosted
periodically by the ASU Center for Organization Research and Design. We
invite scholars from across the globe to join us for an intimate meeting to
discuss frontiers in organizational research. At this inaugural symposium
the topic will be crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing is a powerful approach to harvesting opinions and other data
from large or small numbers of people, near or far. The technique is used
by researchers in structured and unstructured ways. Through open calls or
contests, researchers have enlisted the public to complete tasks or
identify solutions to problems, both of which have served as data for
research. Today we see crowdsourcing platforms being used to design and
conduct experiments, generate large-scale collective intelligence, and
implement interactive “games” played in real time among groups of individuals
to solve various technical or engineering problems. The mobile web and
other technological advances present new opportunities to incorporate the
public into the research and data collection of public, private, and
nonprofit organization scholars.

Although scholars debate what counts as crowdsourcing (as opposed to other
forms of “open innovation”), they are using it in research on various
fronts. We invite research presentations on applications of crowdsourcing
to organizational research problems, especially: 1) Papers that consider
how crowdsourced data might enhance organizational research; and 2) Papers
that answer specific research questions with crowdsourced data. We
anticipate tracks in the following three areas:


     Methodological discussions of crowdsourcing and crowdsourced data in
   the study of organizations;

     Creative applications of crowdsourcing and crowdsourced data to
   traditional research questions;

     New frontiers in crowdsourced in the analysis and evaluation of
   crowdsourced data.

   TO APPLY: Submit 250- to 400-word proposals by email to Mary O’Brien at
   mcobrie3 at asu.edu by May 1, 2015. We will invite presenters and announce
   track schedules in early June. Research summaries or papers at least 3-5
   pages in length will be due by late August for dissemination among workshop
   participants. All attendees will be asked to serve as a discussant for a
   paper during a workshop session. Please direct all your questions to Justin
   Stritch at jstritch at asu.edu. There will be no registration or conference
   fees. Attendees will be responsible for their own travel, meals, and
   lodging costs. CORD will provide one boxed lunch and a cocktail social for

   __ ___________

   The ASU Center for Organization Research and Design (CORD) promotes,
   supports and conducts fundamental research on public, nonprofit, and hybrid
   organizations and their design, focusing particularly, though not
   exclusively, on knowledge-based and science intensive-organizations. CORD
   performs research on governmental organizations but typically in the
   context of public-private relations and partnerships, sector blurring,
   dimensional publicness, and nonprofit and third sector interactions. CORD
   strives to integrate its organization and management work with public
   policy theory, research and practical policy advice. While CORD has no
   formal curricular or degree component, a major element of its mission is to
   serve as a training site and a research resource for postdoctoral
   researchers, graduate and undergraduate students from the variety of
   academic disciplines. Visit our website at https://cord.asu.edu/

Kevin C. Desouza, PhD

Associate Dean for Research, College of Public Service & Community Solutions

Interim Director, Decision Theater, Office of Knowledge Enterprise

Professor, School of Public Affairs

Arizona State University

Email: kevin.desouza at asu.edu

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