[AISWorld] A call to action: STEM and MIS

Munir Mandviwalla mandviwa at temple.edu
Mon Mar 2 08:00:18 EST 2015

Dear colleagues


MIS departments in US business schools have a unique opportunity to take a
leadership role in the discourse on STEM. We are the natural STEM leaders. I
encourage you to:

*       Ensure that your IS program is 'STEM certified' (benefit -
scholarships, visas, grants)

*       Alums are activated and aware of the role IS can play (benefit -
local and national reputation and relevance)

*       Help your b-school have a bigger STEM role in the university
(benefit - deans like that sort of stuff)


You might find the following helpful. The most recent issue of BizEd
magazine, an AACSB publication that your dean's office reads in detail and
which you will receive this week, features:

*       How to leverage STEM in US Business Schools (by myself and Michael
Goul at ASU and others). See:

*       Two Temple alums that are national leaders and advocates of MIS:

*       Examples of programs in the US at Texas Tech, Iowa State, Purdue,
Arizona State, and Temple as well as in the European union:


Best wishes, 


Munir Mandviwalla

Associate Professor and Chair of MIS

Executive Director, Institute for Business and Information Technology

Fox School of Business, Temple University

 <mailto:mandviwa at temple.edu> mandviwa at temple.edu, 215.204.5617



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