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Colleague Kevin Crowston,
My 5 cents contribution: you can use some free e-books on OpenERP (now
called ODOO). It is a large ERP open source with all supported business
functions. Links are:


Manuel Mora
Autnomous University of Aguascalientes

On Fri, April 3, 2015 12:41 pm, Kevin G Crowston wrote:
> Actually, I once thought of teaching a course structured that way, since
> none of the students I had at the times cared about IS but they did care
> about marketing, finance, etc. Maybe with ERP, the texts have had to
> consolidate also :-)
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> On 3 April 2015 at 1:29:00 PM, Carol Saunders (csaunder at ucf.edu) wrote:
>> Kevin, Ironically back in the 80s there were some textbooks focused on
>> how IS supported the various functions: i.e., accounting, finance,
>> marketing, human resources etc. Each functional IS had a separate
>> chapter...... I don't know of any textbook that has such an organization
>> now...
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>> Hi all,
>> I find that students often have trouble imagining all of the ways
>> information systems are used in a large company. They tend to focus on
>> what they can see, saying for example that one of the most important
>> systems is the company website. One can talk in generalities, but
>> specific examples seem to stick much better. So, I was wondering if any
>> one knew of an actual list of some large company’s information systems
>> (at all levels, transaction
>> processing, reporting, etc.). Interestingly, the Google searches I’ve
>> tried turn up lots of MIS textbook chapters, but nothing more concrete.
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