[AISWorld] Petition of academic collaboration on SwE Architecture / SOA-SOC

mmora at securenym.net mmora at securenym.net
Wed May 6 15:44:24 EDT 2015

Dear colleagues interested in SwE Architecture:

We are asking academic collaboration for evaluating a new method called:
Software Architecture Design Method for Web-based Service-Oriented
Software Systems  (SADM-WSOSS Method). Ver. 2.0, for designing software
in the context of SOC/SOA. The documents for evaluation are:

0. Index
I.  Presentation.
II. Requirements Description of the Demo Case
III. SADM-WSOSS Method Description and Demo Case
IV. Evaluation Questionnaires

Our kind academic petition is to conduct it (it will last about 2 hrs).
Interested please contact us at: dr.manuel.mora.uaa at gmail.com

Thanks very much in advance.
Dr. Manuel Mora /  PhD Student Yuritzy Delgado

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