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=========================== Call for Papers 
Special Issue: "Advances in Cloud and Ubiquitous Computing (ACUC-2015)"
*Note: Publication fees will be waived for accepted papers submitted 
before August 20, 2015.**

** AIMS:
Cloud computing allows application software to be operated using 
internet-enabled devices. Clouds themselves are dynamic networks of 
common, off-the-shell computers to build computation farms with dynamic 
scalability features to process even big data if necessary. Ubiquitous 
computing is related to the ability to perform computing tasks on any 
type of devices (including mobile devices, sensors, smart electronic 
devices). Masses of devices generate masses of data to be processed 
somewhere - typically on themselves locally or in cooperation, or in the 
cloud. Cloud and ubiquitous computing have further commonalities: e.g. 
they enable computing anywhere; they make computing invisible and 
transparent; they are network-distributed computing. The goal of this 
special issue is to bring together contributions from these communities 
to address the challenges and report the research findings in Cloud 
computing and Ubiquitous Computing, and in their cooperation. We welcome 
papers demonstrating how new technologies of Cloud Computing and 
Ubiquitous Computing complete each other. Of course, we are also 
interested in the research findings with focus on any of the two fields.

This special issue welcomes regular research papers, short 
communications, reviews and visionary papers in the fields cloud and 
ubiquitous computing, including but not limited to the following topics:

- Cloud Applications
- Cloud Economics
- Cloud Infrastructures
- Service computing
- Green Computing
- Grid computing
- high performance computing
- Energy efficiency
- Resource management
- Security & Privacy
- Data processing
- Databases in Cloud and ubiquitous computing
- Big data in Cloud and ubiquitous computing
- New types of cloud, e.g. sensor cloud, social cloud, semantic cloud
- various types of ubiquitous computing, e.g.
  -- Internet of Things
  -- Internet of Data
  -- Internet of Cloud
  -- Internet of Events
  -- Internet of Services

- Dr. rer. nat. habil. Sven Groppe, University of Lübeck, Germany
- Prof. K. Chandrasekaran, National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India

- Submission Deadline: 20 August, 2015
- Author Notification: 20 October, 2015

For detailed information on the preparation and submission of 
manuscripts, please visit Author Guidelines 

Please submit by sending an email to ojcc at ronpub.com with subject ACUC-2015.

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