[AISWorld] Business Process Management (BPM) Newsletter [Issue 2/2015]

Aalst, W.M.P. van der W.M.P.v.d.Aalst at tue.nl
Wed Oct 7 05:51:51 EDT 2015

[cid:image004.png at 01D100F6.8C49B2D0]BPM Newsletter October 2015
The annual International Conference on Business Process Management is the premier conference for researchers and practitioners in the field of Business Process Management (BPM). The BPM Newsletter is intended for the active and growing community involved and/or interested in this conference series. The latest BPM Newsletter<http://bpm-conference.org/foswiki/pub/BpmConference/Newsletter/BPM-newsletter-Oct2015.pdf> can be found here: http://bpm-conference.org/foswiki/pub/BpmConference/Newsletter/BPM-newsletter-Oct2015.pdf.

*        Reports on BPM 2015 in Innsbruck
Almost 300 BPM enthusiasts from five different continents participated in this wonderful event.

*       Two Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) starting within a week!
The MOOC "Process Mining: Data Science in Action<https://www.coursera.org/course/procmin>" starts today! The MOOC "Fundamentals of Business Process Management<https://moocs.qut.edu.au/learn/fundamentals-of-bpm-october-2015>" starts on Monday!

*       The BPM 2015 Awards
Read the newsletter to learn about the Test of Time Awards, the Best Paper Awards, the Best Reviewer Award, the BPI Challenge Awards, the Best Process Mining Dissertation Award, etc.

*        Preview BPM 2016 in de Janeiro in Brazil
The next conference will take place in Rio. Read about the preparations.

*        Send your Workshop Proposals and Papers to BPM 2016!
The deadline for workshop proposals is December 4th. Moreover, start writing your BPM 2016 papers!

*       Changes in the BPM Steering Committee
Stefanie Rinderle-Ma and Manfred Reichert join the BPM SC.

*       Other News From the BPM Community
Call for papers special issue on Smart Business Process Management, new MIT Press book "Workflow Patterns: The Definitive Guide",  etc.

Start reading now: http://bpm-conference.org/foswiki/pub/BpmConference/Newsletter/BPM-newsletter-Oct2015.pdf.
Wil van der Aalst
Chair of the BPM Steering Committee
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BPM Website and Mailing list
The website http://bpm-conference.org<http://bpm-conference.org/> provides more information on the BPM conference series and news for the community. The bpm-conference at hpi.uni-potsdam.de<mailto:bpm-conference at hpi.uni-potsdam.de> mailing list is used as a means to communicate with the BPM community. To (un)subscribe, visit http://lists.hpi.uni-potsdam.de/listinfo/bpm-conference.

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