[AISWorld] AMCIS 2016 Mini-Track CfP : IT-enabled Organizational Agility and Security

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Fri Jan 22 15:18:32 EST 2016

Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), San Diego, August 11-13, 2016, http://amcis2016.aisnet.org/

Mini-Track Title: IT-enabled Organizational Agility and Security
Track: IT-Enabled Agility

We live in a turbulent volatile world today. In this context Prahalad (2009) aptly describes this hypercompetitive environment, "In Volatile Times,Agility Rules." Organizations aspire to be agile in this highly unstable market. IT has enabled organizational agility by helping adapt to changing conditions (Lucas Jr. and Olson 1994), building digital options (Sambamurthy,  Bharadwaj et al. 2003), etc. While there has been a great focus on increasing organizational agility with IT enablement, we are not sure whether there have been compromises on security practices while the firm tries to be more agile (Baskerville 2004). Organization agility makes the organization more flexible while security practices follow strict rules and processes. The objective of this minitrack is to invite research articles which investigate the interplay between organizational agility through IT enablement and security practices which may have been compromised because of the focus on agility.

Call for Papers:
The objective of this minitrack is to encourage research articles (theoretical, empirical or design science research) which are insightful, coherent and methodically sound aligning with the objectives of this minitrack. This minitrack is open to various types of research including those that use quantitative, qualitative, and theoretical approaches.

Topics in this mini-track focus on IT-enabled organization agility and security in the areas listed below, but is not limited to:
o   IT security practices and organizational agility
o   IT security architectures and Organization agility
o   Role of organization culture in organizational agility and IT security
o   Agile methodologies in regulated (high secured) organizational environment
o   Organizational security planning in implementation of Agile development
o   IT security assurance in Agile development
o   Agile development and IT security requirements
o   Agile approach to implement organization security
o   Tension between organizational agility through IT enablement and security practices

Important Dates:

*         January 4, 2016: Manuscript submissions for AMCIS 2016 begin
*         March 2, 2016 (10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time): Deadline for paper submissions
Instructions for Authors:

*         Submissions may be of two types:
o   Completed research papers (< 5000 words, excluding references, tables, and figures)
o   Research-in-progress papers (< 3500 words, excluding references, tables, and figures)

*         All conference submissions will be double-blind, peer reviewed, and must be submitted using the online submission system athttp://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/amcis2016. For complete instructions for authors and information about the conference, visit the AMCIS 2016 website at http://amcis2016.aisnet.org<http://amcis2016.aisnet.org/>.

o   Baskerville, R. (2004). "Agile Security for Information Warfare: A call for research." ECIS 2004 Proceedings: 13.
o   Lucas Jr., H. C. and M. Olson (1994). "The Impact of Information Technology on Organizational Flexibility." Journal of Organizational Computing & Electronic Commerce 4(2): 155-176.
o   Prahalad, C. K. (2009). "In Volatile Times, Agility Rules." BusinessWeek(4147): 80-80.
o   Sambamurthy, V., A. Bharadwaj, et al. (2003). "Shaping Agility through Digital Options:
o   Reconceptualizing the Role of Information Technology in Contemporary Firms." MIS Quarterly 27(2): 237.

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