[AISWorld] Call for Papers: PhD Colloquium - IFIP EGOV 2017 and IFIP ePart 2017

Gil-Garcia, J Ramon jgil-garcia at ctg.albany.edu
Wed Mar 1 11:01:13 EST 2017

16th IFIP International Conference on eGovernment (IFIP EGOV 2017) and 9th IFIP International Conference on eParticipation (IFIP ePart 2017)

4 -7 September 2017, St. Petersburg, Russia

Call for Papers: PhD Colloquium

Deadline: March 15, 2017

The overall aim of the PhD colloquium is to connect PhD students to the e-government research community. During the colloquium, you will meet other PhD students, younger researchers that have just finished their PhDs, and more experienced scholars. The initial e-government network of students and faculty that the colloquium provides will serve you well during the main conference - and hopefully in the years to come. Apart from offering feedback on your research question, related work, theory, method and results, the colloquium also aims to stimulate reflections on your motivation, research perspective and future implications of your work on practice and research.

Target Audience
We welcome all PhD students within the wider field of information and communication technologies in the public sector. Ideally, student participants will have completed one or two years of doctoral study or progressed far enough in their research to have a structured proposal idea and preliminary findings, but have not reached the stage of defending their dissertations. We expect that students at this stage of study will gain the most value from feedback on their work.

Participation Method
Your submission should consist of three parts, namely

  1.  a research paper that describes your research,
  2.  a short CV and
  3.  a personal statement.

The research paper should be single-authored and not exceed 8 pages in total. The CV and personal statement should not exceed two pages in total. There is no formal format for 2. and 3. The three documents must be merged into one file in the order 1., 2., 3. before uploading it to the conference management system.

  *   ad 1.: The paper content follows a generic thesis template, including abstract, keywords, introduction with research question, related work, theory, methodology, and preliminary results. To make this colloquium most beneficial for the remaining work on your PhD, we want you to extend your methodology and results sections. In the methodology section, we ask you to elaborate on your motivation, perspective, philosophy, research design, data collection techniques, and analytical framework. In the results section, we ask you to present your preliminary results but furthermore, elaborate on the future impact of your results on practice (for instance recommendations for public sector practitioners) and on research (for instance disclosure of needs for new research areas). We recommend allocating 4 pages to abstract, keywords, introduction, related work and theory and 4 pages to methodology and results.
  *   ad 2.: The brief personal CV (max. 1 page) should indicate your prior education, work experiences, personal interests, leisure time activities, family status etc. The CV is aimed to facilitate curiosity and informal contact with other colloquium participants.
  *   ad 3.: The personal statement (approx. 1 page) should start by indicating whether you wish to apply for a stipend to cover part of your expenses (see below). After that, it should include your research motivation, your personal stances related to your research and the future achievements that you hope to realize, whether it is within research and teaching or in industry, an NGO etc. This could also include your future visions of global work. Furthermore, your statement should include 2-3 specific questions that you want the colloquium participants to focus on during the presentation of your research.
More information about how the PhD Colloquium will be organized, can be found on the website.

The submission should be done through the Easy Chair<https://easychair.org/account/signin.cgi?key=49461599.X1USdCv8CoKFUNW6> conference management system.
Your submission will be reviewed by the chairs of the doctoral colloquium and may have to be revised according to review comments before final acceptance. On acceptance, you will receive further instructions for preparing your paper for the PhD colloquium.

Benefits and possibilities for applying for a Stipend
The PhD Colloquium chairs admit participants to the doctoral colloquium based on a submitted research proposal/contribution. Admitted doctoral students are required to make academic contributions to the doctoral colloquium (no sit-ins only). Upon admission as a doctoral student to participate in the PhD colloquium, the conference organization will in return grant the participants with a number of benefits. In addition, the PhD students can apply for a stipend to cover (parts of) their travel and accommodation expenses (these are the only eligible costs that can be covered by the stipend) if they so wish. More detailed information on these benefits and how to apply for a stipend, can be found on the conference website (link<http://faculty.washington.edu/jscholl/ifip.working.group.8.5/website/conference/#/Colloquium/>).

The PhD Colloquium chairs and senior faculty members look forward to welcoming you at the PhD colloquium of the IFIP WG 8.5.

The IFIP EGOV-ePart 2017 PhD Colloquium Co-chairs

Ida Lindgren, Linköping University, Sweden (lead) (email: ida.lindgren at liu.se<mailto:ida.lindgren at liu.se>)
Anneke Zuiderwijk, TU Delft, The Netherlands (email: a.m.g.zuiderwijk-vaneijk at tudelft.nl<mailto:a.m.g.zuiderwijk-vaneijk at tudelft.nl>)
J. Ramon Gil- Garcia, University at Albany, USA (email: jgil-garcia at ctg.albany.edu<mailto:jgil-garcia at ctg.albany.edu>)

Further Senior Faculty PhD Colloquium Members
Marijn Janssen, TU Delft, The Netherlands
Peter Parycek, Danube University, Austria
Hans Jochen Scholl, University of Washington, USA
Efthimios Tambouris, University of Macedonia, Greece

Dr. J. Ramon Gil-Garcia, MPA
Research Director
Center for Technology in Government, University at Albany, SUNY
187 Wolf Road, Suite 301, Albany, NY 12205
Tel.: (518) 442-3892
E-mail: jgil-garcia at ctg.albany.edu<mailto:jgil-garcia at ctg.albany.edu>

Author of the book "Enacting Electronic Government Success: An Integrative Study of
Government-wide Websites, Organizational Capabilities and Institutions"

Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration and Policy
Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy
University at Albany, State University of New York
135 Western Avenue, Milne Hall 317, Albany, NY 12203
Tel.: (518) 442-5282
E-mail: jgil-garcia at albany.edu<mailto:jgil-garcia at albany.edu>
[cid:image001.png at 01D0EBCA.9E08EA90]<https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rockefeller-College-of-Public-Affairs-Policy/161758067934?ref=ts>  [cid:image002.png at 01D0EBCA.9E08EA90] <https://twitter.com/RockefellerColl>  [cid:image003.png at 01D0EBCA.9E08EA90] <https://www.youtube.com/uarockefellercollege>  [cid:image004.png at 01D0EBCA.9E08EA90] <http://instagram.com/rockefellercollege>  [cid:image005.png at 01D0EBCA.9E08EA90] <http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Rockefeller-College-Public-Affairs-Policy-4523586?home=&gid=4523586&trk=anet_ug_hm>

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