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[Call for papers - apologies for multiple copies]

  19th IEEE International Conference on


Workshops' papers submission deadline: May 7, 2017

*24-27 July 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece*


  * Workshop papers submission deadline: *May 7, 2017*
  * Notification to authors and registration opening: May 28, 2017
  * Camera-ready copy deadline for workshop papers: June 11, 2017
  * Author registration deadline for workshop papers: June 11, 2017
  * Workshops will be held: see date in each workshop

      Workshop 1: Developing Multi-sided DIGITAL PLATFORMS – a business
      informatics perspective

*Workshop date*: July 26, 2017
*Workshop website*: 

This workshop aims to explore how firms create or transform business 
into new, multi-sided platform ecosystem, and explore the role of 
business informatics in developing adaptive and dynamic platform 
capabilities that are able to continually evolve to co-create a virtuous 
cycle of sustained value for participating actors.


  * Theories, models, and empirical studies of platforms and ecosystems
  * Best practices in leading, managing and governing platform and ecosystem
  * Orchestration strategies of platforms and ecosystem
  * Value co-creation and enablement in ecosystems
  * Platform and ecosystem business models
  * Genesis, dynamics, and evolution of platforms and ecosystems
  * Competences and support for platform thinking
  * Analytics, visualization, and decision support for platform and

      Workshop 2: International Workshop on the Internet of Things and
      Smart Services (ITSS2017)

*Workshop date*: July 27, 2017
*Workshop website*: https://bi.hse.ru/en/announcements/202626319.html 

ITSS2017 is an international workshop on advances in theory, 
applications and different approaches to using IoT and Smart Services. 
This workshop is about business transformation due to digital economy 
implementation and about new types of services and innovative business 
models stemming from the high impact of IoT and data-based services as 
the next step in globalization including new strategy and 
recommendations on Collaborative Economy in 2016 by the European 
Commission. The workshop will also include discussions on relevant 
topics of Big Data and Big Data Analytics (related to information 
understanding and new business models).


  * Intelligent Web Applications
  * Smart Commerce
  * Web 3.0 services
  * Web of Things
  * Internet of Things
  * Smart Services
  * Collaborative economy
  * Big Data and Big Data Analytics for Smart Services
  * Personal services and e-commerce

      Workshop 3: Smart, internet-connected objects and applications in
      dynamically evolving cities and communities (CBISC2017)

*Workshop date*: July 25, 2017
*Workshop website*: 

Systems enabling SCO are highly adaptive complex systems that pose great 
challenges in their development and operation. Current user-driven 
techniques for system domain modelling and requirements engineering are 
not adequate for supporting the development of such systems. In this 
special session we address the current state of the art and explore 
innovative techniques in smart, internet connected objects and 
applications in the context of smart cities and communities.


  * Smart City Operations (SCOs), Indicatively Mobility, Health, Energy,
  * Requirements Modeling for SCOs
  * Requirements Engineering for SCOs
  * Adaptive and Context aware Systems
  * ICT-Oriented Applications in Smart Cities
  * Vehicular Communications
  * Efficiency and Safety in Urban Mobility
  * Dynamic Supply Chain

      Workshop 4: International Workshop in Requirements Engineering and
      Design for Big Data Analytics and Applications (REDBDAA2017)

*Workshop date*: July 27, 2017
*Workshop website*: http://redbdaa2017.org/ <http://redbdaa2017.org/>

This workshop aims to explore the areas of requirements engineering and 
design for business intelligence and data analytics from both 
theoretical and applications points of view. It aims to present 
approaches, frameworks and tools that target the early stages of systems 
development. At the same time, it welcomes applications that have 
focused on requirements and design for data analytics/business 
intelligence applications.


  * Frameworks for requirements engineering for big data analytics
    systems and applications
  * processes and techniques for elicitation and capture of requirements
    for data augmentation in business analytics applications
  * processes and techniques for elicitation and capture of requirements
    for data quality in business analytics applications
  * data quality evaluation and improvement techniques for data sources
    used for systems design
  * awareness requirements for analytics adaptive systems
  * IS behavioural adaptation for data analytics/business intelligence
  * designing for data analytics/business intelligence
  * evaluation of techniques for data analytics/Business intelligence

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