[AISWorld] HICSS-51 Big Data and Analytics Mini-Track CfP

Alberto Espinosa alberto at american.edu
Tue May 16 13:00:16 EDT 2017

HICSS-51 Decision Analytics Track
Call For Papers
January 3-6, 2018
Hilton Waikoloa, The Big Island, Hawai'i

Title: Big Data  and Analytics: Pathways to Maturity

We invite submission of research papers to this mini track in areas related to any of the four main layers of big data analytics (basic foundations; core analytics/big data; functional analytic domains (e.g., marketing, healthcare, etc.); and managerial/strategic/organizational aspects (e.g., data governance, security,  etc.). and also those that address the structure and evaluation of curriculum design, implementation and evaluation for big data and analytics. This mini track focuses on the use of big data and analytics to enable businesses and organizations to optimize their operational practices, improve their decision-making, and better understand and provide more effective services to their customers and clients.

We welcome papers in various areas and are particularly interesting in the following areas:

*     Managerial, governance, lifecycle, strategic and organizational aspects of big data and analytics, big data repositories and projects, including data governance
*     Graph analytics - both syntactic and semantic - that play a big role in the exploitation of social media data
*     Advanced analytics emphasizing specific functional domains - business, scientific, and social science, visual analytics and non-numeric analysis models and their implementation
*     Advances in technology - processing, storage, analytics - for the Exabyte/ExaFLOP Age
*     Scalable semantic annotation and reasoning across big data stores
*     Metrics to assess the impact of big data in business, scientific, and government decision-making.
*     Educational and body of knowledge frameworks on big data, analytics and data science.

If you wish to discuss a paper concept before submitting a paper, please contact Steve Kaisler or Frank Armour. We will be happy to discuss your paper concept with you.


Minitrack Co-Chairs:
Stephen H. Kaisler, D.Sc. (Skaisler1 at comcast.net<mailto:Skaisler1 at comcast.net>), SHK & Associates
Frank Armour, Ph.D. (farmour at american.edu<mailto:farmour at american.edu>), Kogod School of Business, American University
J. Alberto Espinosa, Ph.D. (alberto at american.edu<mailto:alberto at american.edu>), Kogod School of Business, American University

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