[AISWorld] CALL FOR CHAPTERS_Responsible Analytics in Education

Mariaelena Corbeil mariaelena.corbeil at utrgv.edu
Tue May 16 16:15:15 EDT 2017

Submit 1 - 2 page chapter proposal

by June 1, 2017
For complete details, please visit the Call for Chapter Proposals: https://big-data-in-education.blogspot.com<https://big-data-in-education.blogspot.com/>

Publisher: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

You are invited to submit a 1 - 2 page proposal for one of the publisher pre-approved chapters described on the web site OR propose a new chapter related to the responsible use of data analytics and data mining in education.


Due to rapid advancements in our ability to collect, process, and analyze massive amounts of data, it is now possible for educators at all levels to gain new insights into how people learn. According to Bainbridge, et. al. (2015), using simple learning analytics models, educators now have the tools to identify, with up to 80% accuracy, which students are at the greatest risk of failure before classes even begin. As we consider the enormous potential of data analytics and data mining in education, we must also recognize a myriad of emerging issues and potential consequences—intentional and unintentional—to implement them responsibly. For example:

  *   Who collects and controls the data?
  *   Is it accessible to all stakeholders?
  *   How are the data being used, and is there a possibility for abuse?
  *   How do we assess data quality?
  *   Who determines which data to trust and use?
  *   What happens when the data analysis yields flawed results?
  *   How do we ensure due process when data-driven errors are uncovered?
  *   What policies are in place to address errors?
  *   Is there a plan for handling data breaches?

Important Dates

  *   June 1, 2017 – Chapter proposal submission deadline
  *   July 15, 2017 – Proposal decision notification
  *   October 15, 2017 – Full chapter submission deadline
  *   December 1, 2017 – Full chapter decision notification
  *   January 15, 2018 – Full chapter revisions due

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