[AISWorld] New AMCIS minitrack - The Controversial Information Technologies

Isaac Vaghefi svaghefi at binghamton.edu
Thu Dec 21 13:27:04 EST 2017

Controversial Information Technologies (CIT) such as smartphones, social
media, videogames, and cloud computing are perceived as having the
potential to both benefit and damage the well-being of the user. On one
hand, CIT use can benefit users, organizations, and the society by
improving productivity, performance, and satisfaction. On the other hand,
CIT use can also result in negative and often unplanned outcomes, rendering
them a double-edged sword. CIT includes a wide range of information systems
that we use today; some examples include social networking sites that can
be both beneficial and harmful for the user, emails that despite their
flexibility and connectivity benefits can also be interruptive for the
work, and algorithmic and biometrics systems that despite their benefits
toward productivity, can be source of concerns given the amount and type of
information they collect from users. While nominal IT use have received
extensive attention in IS research, CIT adoption, use, and consequences
have been largely ignored. This mini-track provides a forum for the
exchange of research ideas to shed light on issues related to CIT’s
adoption and use, various behaviors users may exhibit when using CIT, and
consequences of using CIT for individuals and organizations.

Isaac Vaghefi, svaghefi at binghamton.edu
Hamed Qahri-Saremi, hqahrisa at depaul.edu
Shamel Addas, shamel.addas at queensu.ca

The minitrack submission is due at the end of Feb 18.

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